Clarins Vital Light Day

The product: Clarins Vital Light Day Illuminating Anti-Ageing Cream (all skin types/lightweight version).

The cream: The first thing you notice about Vital Light Day is that it feels a lot like a product with silicones – thing is, it doesn’t actually have any! In a clever blend of stearates, triglycerides, and shea, Vital Light Day manages to mimic the velvety, matte-finish texture characteristic of deliciously lightweight silicones… think “whipped primers” (like this one by M. Asam), rather than heavy gels (Smashbox Photo Finish, anyone?)

With my fine lines (from chronically dry skin, rather than age), I’m really partial to the finish – it’s ridiculously silky, and I feel like the moisturized, hydrated effect helps “smooth out” the appearance of my skin. The closest description that I can think of is this: it’s a bit like taking a blur brush to your skin at 30%. I know, I know; not exactly helpful if you’re not familiar with Photoshop, but that really is what it reminds me of!

Alright, so not the best representation of the effect it gives – but I hope you get the gist of it!

The packaging: Vital Light Day, like all Clarins products, is packaged in a simple-but-luxe fashion. The lid turns onto the base with a smooth, secure twist (no issues with the threads catching), and everything feels very solid – perfect for leaving on the counter top, but too heavy for a handbag. Which, I mean, really shouldn’t be a problem; it’s a day cream, not a hand cream!

The ingredients:

Try it if: You’re looking to disguise fine lines, or find your skin looking dull. I really do think this lives up to its claims of “reducing the appearance of wrinkles and restore luminosity from within,” which is a nice change in this day and age!

It’s also a fabulous choice if you’re on the hunt for a gorgeously lightweight silicone-free moisturizer – they’re far and few between, so if you have room in your budget for something like this and are alright with a light (but unyielding) fragrance, don’t let it pass you by.

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  • Vijaya

    I thought the saying was "few and far between"? Oh, but I'm so excited to hear that this is a good, silicone free moisturizer. It looks as though it's paraben free as well! <3
    My recent post Dare To Wear Challenge- Japan

    • Damn, yes it is – *this* is why you shouldn't write posts at midnight! :P And yep, it's paraben-free (hence, the paraben-free tag, lol)

  • Tracy

    This sounds lovely!! Is it smelly though? ;)
    My recent post Sleep Is Optional With Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation!

    • Depends on how you define "smelly"! It's definitely scented, but not in an offensive way if you ask me ^^

  • Oh Clarin's products are just so lovely. I've been lemming after the Beauty Flash Balm for quite some time but I think now I'll have to add this to the list as well.
    My recent post Bridal Look- Softly Smokey Neutrals

    • I've had my eye on that one as well! No idea if it's 'cone-free, though, and I'm happy enough with this that I don't plan on hunting down an answer :P

      • I'm headed to the Mall later this week for a return (my lips + mac plushglass = dragon lips), so I'll check it out for both of us :D. I have pretty sensitive skin, so the less ick-cones the better.
        My recent post Bridal Look- Softly Smokey Neutrals

  • Adding this to the list! I don't usually have a problem with silicones, but I am looking for a new moisturizer anyway. I like my Clinique, but lately my skin has been blah, so maybe I need a change.
    My recent post Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush- Blissful

    • Haha, this is definitely an "anti-blah" product :P Hope you like it – very glowy results!

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  • I've come across this before and now I really wanna try it! I love what clarins have to offer..

    Thanks for the amazing review! I'm sold! =P