EOTD: blackened violet and green

Get the look…

To form the base of this look, I used FaceFront Nylon Garden (gold-green) and Shadow Keeper (blackened violet) Artistic Pigments, foiled with no base. Then, to add depth to the corner, I added theBalm Jealous Jordana (blackened green) to the outer corner and blended well.

I wanted a bit more green in the look, so I used a 217 to add a touch of MAC Humid (brighter medium green) to the outer corner, and took it along the outer half of the lower lashline with a dry angled eyeliner brush. (The inner corner is Shadow Keeper, again.)

To finish off the eye, I added  MAC Vanilla (pigment, not shadow) to hilight, smudged L’Oreal’s Black HiP Creme Liner along the waterline, and drew a thin line with Marcelle Very Black Liquid Eyeliner Pen along the top lashline before adding falsies.

Finish off the look with…

Doesn’t exactly say “spring,” does it? Oh well, I love it anyways :P

P.S. I really didn’t love how the falsies looked in the looking-down shot, so umm… lots of liberal photoshopping. I hope you can forgive me!

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  • Absolutely stunning. And regarding Photoshop, who cares? I'm all for making eye shots look neater. t looks fantastic! :)
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    • Why thank you, darlin' ^^

      I almost always photoshop our photos, but I feel the need to re-mention it when it comes to falsies (esp. when we mention which ones they are)! I'd hate for someone to pick up a pair because of the photos & then be disappointed with them :s

  • so, so, so pretty!

    as for photoshop, i can appreciate the "disclaimer." i also sometimes wish i had photoshop so i could clean up my looks :).

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    • Ty! & I don't know if I'd recommend getting photoshop, though… it's such a slippery slope :p

  • Nina

    Ooh it looks so elegant and amazing, wow. I wish I had better blending skills T.T About the photoshop, thank you for mentioning. It looks perfect! You know, sometimes when I see a badly done one like Burberry ads with Emma Watson (love her btw), I honestly think they should work with you.

    • Aww, thank you lovely! You're too kind ^^

      (No, really, you're way too kind. There is no way I deserve such praise!)

  • Nina

    But it's the truth! =/

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  • Aysha

    You honestly need to shower the makeup community with the gift of Rae-video tutorials. I love all of the looks you create, whether colorful or neutral and I'm dying to see a live demonstration…please! *pleading is now over*

    • Aww, thank you, Aysha! I'm not set up for video tutorials, unfortunately, but I'll keep this look in mind if I ever start doing them, okay? :)

      I would LOVE to do video for the blog, but I'd hate to do a sub-par job of it, and I'm afraid getting set up for film would just be too expensive. I'd need to update my camera body to something that'll do HD video, get a proper lens, and set up studio lighting before I could even think about starting — which would cost well over $2K! :s