A moment of silence for Senna Kinetic

While prepping a FOTD post for later this week (you can check out a teaser here), I realized that my go-to favourite shadow, Senna Kinetic, has been discontinued. In retrospect, I’m actually pretty sure I found this out before, but that doesn’t make my suffering any less legitimate!

(At least… that’s what I keep telling myself.)

Kinetic was actually a duo shadow in a fairly large pan, and I’ve shown you the violet side in the past, but it’s really only the silver that I’m going to miss. Like all Senna shadows, it was buttery and blendable, and even though its frost finish could be a little *too* much sometimes, I still absolutely adored it.

Oh, and here are two old looks that I’ve used Kinetic in:

  1. Smokey blue-grey eyes (aka the “sex kitten eye,” thankyouverymuch Arianne),
  2. I’ve got the silver-blues (scroll down)

Are there any LE/discontinued shadows that you just love? And more importantly: can you think of any dupes for Kinetic? :P

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  • Whoa, that is some silver! I feel like I have seen a color like that before, but now…I can't think of it. Eep. Urban Decay Uzi, maybe? But this seems way more pigmented. I'll think about it and see if I can remember! Also, it may just be me, but duos and multiple eye shadow pans creep me out – I always feel like they're going to mush together any minute now, descend into chaos, you know, and…I can't handle it.
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    • LOL! Aww, you crack me up :p

      I've actually swatched Uzi before to see if it compares, and unfortunately… notsomuch. Uzi's a total glitterbomb, and it's lighter and more neutral (Kinetic has a slight silver-green thing going on for it irl that I don't think I've seen elsewhere). Strangely enough, I'd actually say that UD Strip is closer to Kinetic, though Strip is a good shade or two darker!

  • oh! oh! oh!

    i loooove it! both colours are gorgeous :)
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  • Kate & Zena

    Oh gosh, that frosted silver-with-a-dash-of-lilac color is the EXACT color of a nail polish I had back in sixth grade from the Gap. It was like a nail art pen on one side and a brush on the other. What year was that? 2000? No, no, it was the beginning of 2001. Ah, the nostalgia. (Yes, that color is old school for me!) Now that I think about it, that was an awful color on my nails. I have a teeny bit of yellow in my cool-tone skin (we don't know if it's from my genetics or my medicine. Who knows. It's a PITA when you're dominantly cool-toned!) and boy does frosted silver-with-a-dash-of-lilac pull all of that tiny bit of yellow out of my skin.

    Hmmmmmm, I would try the L'Oreal HiP Studio Professional Metallic section first. Something tells me Stila might have a color like that too. Stila seems just the company to do a color like that.

    Or, you can just go here to get it custom made just for you!

    • Haha, great minds think alike – I've been wondering if L'Oreal's Platinum duo would be a good dupe for this :P I think it might actually be a bit too light, though.

      Stila doesn't have anything quite like Kinetic, but thanks for the suggestion! :)

      • Kate & Zena

        Okay, that's really creepy. We do that a lot.

  • Alison

    Rae – just saw this post!! You can still get Senna's Kinetic if you call them or visit a store in southern California! The hotline to order is 800.537.3662.

    • That sounds brilliant, Alison! Thank you so much for the heads up – it's great to know this one hasn't disappeared for good ;)