Pink and violet Versace-inspired look

I’ve actually been doing a lot of looks recently, but for whatever reason, I feel like we haven’t posted one forever. So, to change that…

A few months back, I stumbled on the most gorgeous Versace dress while flipping through Monika Jagaciak images (LOVE her). I wanted to mimic the white/pink/violet gradient of the fabric, and added three tiny pieces of glitter to translate a sort of toned-down version of the sparkle. Here’s the dress:


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The eye

Products used – base: NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil, Marcelle Amythest 2 in 1 Retractable Eyeliner, MAC Blanc Type

Products used – colour: White/multicoloured glitter from the Annabelle Multi-Dome Eyeshadow Palette in Midnight, MAC Fuchsia pigment, Senna Destiny, a violet Flirt! eyeshadow, MAC 3D Silver glitter

The lip

Products used – lips: A tiny amount of concealer applied with a foundation brush, topped with Rimmel Stay Glossy in Non-Stop Glamour

The look

Products used – skin and cheeks: Hard Candy Glamoflauge in Light (concealer), MAC Powder Blush in Harmony (contour), Benefit Posietint (blush), Benefit Girl Meets Pearl (hilight)

I’m actually super-wired right now, so I haven’t much to add. (I had a quarter of a bubble tea… a quarter! Damn you, low sugar tolerance.) I’m due in for a major sugar crash within the next hour or two, so not only do I hope you liked this look, I also hope your day’s going better than mine :P

It was really tasty, though. What’s your favourite flavour of bubble tea? (My poison of choice is taro, of course. If it’s a choice between a super-tasty purple drink and a tasty non-purple one, I mean, I don’t even really have a say in the matter. Instinct takes over.)

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  • blusherine

    I love your eye makeup, it looks great! Especially the shape, it suits you perfectly!

  • Arianne

    Oh my god this is so freakin' beautiful!!! Complete with the glitters! *swoon*

    Love this eyeshadow shape on you, Rae. The blending, too, is perfection. :)
    My recent post Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipsticks- Team Brights

    • Glad you liked it, lovely! (& of course, I've never been one to pass up the chance to add glitter, lol)

      • Arianne

        BTW, are the 3D glitters big enough that you can pick them up and put them precisely where you want them? Did you use tweezers + lash glue or something? :)

        • Pretty much, yeah. It was actually tweezers + a dot of an Annabelle Glitterama liner because I was too lazy to dig out my lash glue, but close enough :p The glitter pieces are quite large!

  • Goooooooooorgeous!

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  • sums

    !!! love it!

  • jac is so flipping gorgeous! and that dress! omg, that dressss!

    purple always looks stunning on your skin :). fantastic look, as always!
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    • Oh my god, ikr? She's so lovely!

      (And thank you. I'm thrilled that it does, because to be totally honest – I'm pretty sure that even if violet looked like crap on me, I'd keep wearing it. Bit of a purple junkie, lol.)

  • vijiis

    That dress is everything a dress should be. <3 Great look! The glitter is SUCH a cute touch!
    My recent post MAC Viva Glam Gaga II

  • you look so pretty! love your eyeshadow & lips, super!! :D

  • Shivani
  • Lily

    Super. Hot. :D Love the curly locks too!

    • Haha, glad you like it (/them)! To be honest, my hair looked awful when I put on the FOTD – I added curls in just for you lovelies :p

      (I had curls from the night before, which were squashed *only on one side* during the night. Not a good look! )

  • I am not a fan of the dress (reminds me of how my white clothes turns out when I wash them with other colors) but your makeup is absolutely gorgeous! (Of course, gotta love Jac too.)
    My recent post Milani Mineralize Baked Blush

    • Lol, if my clothes came out looking like that whenever I washed them with other colours, I'd do it all. the. time. :p

      Glad you liked the look!

  • makeupmorsels

    Love the dress and the look!
    mmm, it's a tossup between traditional bubble tea and passionfruit green tea bubble tea for me.
    My recent post The Wednesday Wigeon No13

    • Mmmm, passionfruit green tea sounds delish! *heads to the kitchen for a snack*

  • Loooove this look. I can never seem to blend quite like this. I really am enchanted with the colours.

    PS I go back and forth between a couple flavours–golden mandarin, green apple slush, or green apple Calprin slush. I also just like plain milk tea cold or hot.

  • Pearl milk tea slush with half pearls, half pudding. Haven't had a good one in FOREVER. There is a specific taste I crave from a bubble tea and I will milk it for a few hours, pearl after pearl… and I truly only enjoy them from this place I used to go to all the time in Vancouver but haven't since Labour Day Weekend. I do settle for this one place in Edmonton that was in Chinatown and now moved somewhere (don't know the city well enough to know, nor do I remember the name). Wow, deprived and psychotic sounding.

    • Haha, you are super-specific about your bubble tea! It sounds divine, though :p I'll have to give it a try sometime!

    • Oh and P.S. Are you in Edmonton or Vancouver, lovely? Because if you're in Edmonton, you should check out Dream Tea House just off Whyte ;)

      • I'm in Calgary, actually (have not found a bubble tea place I remotely like – am often disappointed when I order a simple milk tea so I gave up trying). Grew up in Vancouver. I go to Edmonton every couple months to see friends and family. I tried Dream a few times; I like their shaved ice menu. Probably not the best option for a chilly day like today though!

        • Aww, that sucks :( I hope you find a good bubble tea place soon!

  • I left a comment yesterday but I'm not sure it went through cus your comment thinger looked totally different.
    To sum it up:
    1) beautiful look, envious of your blending skillz
    2) golden mandarin black tea, or green apple calprin slush, or just plain milk tea (hot or cold). Pearls or green apple jelly depending on my mood :P
    My recent post review- revlon super lustrous lipstick in wine with everything

    • Yeah, it does that sometimes >.< Still haven't figured out why!

      For some crazy reason, I still haven't had anything to eat today, and your bubble tea description is making me super hungry :p Off to go find something to munch on…

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  • <3 this look. i was looking for pink/violet inspiration and found this. i love your eotd looks.

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