A stunning lip for any occasion: Marcelle Rouge Xpression swatches and descriptions

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Marcelle Rouge Xpression lipsticks are fast becoming one of my favourite drugstore lipsticks, and these lovely new shades definitely played a part in this change!

{full formula review}

A full review of the formula can be found here, but if you want the two-second rundown: the line is blissfully scent-, taste-, silicone-, and paraben-free, and the shades are all incredibly well-pigmented. They’re creamy, non-drying, and packaged sturdily and chicly. As an added bonus? This time ’round, the creams are all creams, the pearls are all pearls, and each shade’s only been named once :P

702 Attitude, 804 Paris Rose, 853 Jezebel

Attitude is a warm medium-nude. It is darker than 700 Enchantment, but lighter than 701 Exuberance, and more caramel (less pink tones) than both.

Paris Rose is a soft pinked coral. On my colouring, it’s very bright – almost fluorescent – but would look much more subtle on medium skintones. I should have a lip swatch for this by the end of the week; I just need to crop the photos ;)

Jezebel is a cross between mauve and pink; ideal for cooler skintones but certainly still wearable for warmer ones.

All three of these shades are cream finishes.

702 Attitude, 804 Paris Rose, 853 Jezebel

855 Cleopatra, 856 Mauve Avant-Garde, 901 Amour

Cleopatra is a gorgeous medium fuchsia. It’s an amazing (and amazingly pigmented) pop of colour that will be just perfect for spring! Again, I will have a lip swatch of this up soon.

Mauve Avant-Garde is actually quite brown, and goes on a bit patchy. It may work well on warmer and/or darker skintones, but is rather lacklustre on my colouring.

Amour is a stunning blue-red. It’s very bright and opaque, and has a pureness to the colour that should still makes it wearable on neutral and warm skintones. Lip swatch with a full-face photo {here}.

All three of these shades are cream finishes.

855 Cleopatra, 856 Mauve Avant-Garde, 901 Amour

752 Couture, 803 Romanesque, 854 Féline

Couture is medium pinked brown. It is quite similar to Sensation and Provocative, but is a touch more muted and rosy than both.

Romanesque is another warm nude; it is quite similar to Enchantment but is a bit darker and has a touch more depth to it.

Féline is a medium-dark red-brown. It is most similar to Sensation, but is darker and does not have (annoying!) gold flecks.

All three of these shades are pearl finishes.

752 Couture, 803 Romanesque, 854 Féline

The bottom line

Must-have: Paris Rose, Amour, Cleopatra

Nice-to-have: Jezebel, Delirium, Provocative (for warm skintones)

Skip: Sentimental, Obsession, Mauve Avant-Garde

700 Enchantment, 701 Exuberance, 702 Attitude, 750 Sensation, 751 Provocative, 752 Couture (p)

801 Sentimental (p), 803 Romanesque (p), 804 Paris Rose, 851 Obsession (p), 853 Jezebel

854 Féline (p), 855 Cleopatra, 856 Mauve Avant-Garde, 901 Amour, 950 Delirium (p)

listed from left to right // cream unless noted with a (p) // artificial lighting

More Rouge Xpression:

  • Swatches of the initial launch shades {here}
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