Spring collections round-up: part two

I’m slowly trucking through the heaps and heaps of Spring collections… hopefully, I’ll be done before the season’s over! This week, we have Urban Decay, Benefit, and LORAC. Enjoy :)

How the widgets work: just click – it’s that simple. These should be set up so that when you click on a specific product, it’ll take you to that product’s page. (If it doesn’t seem to be working, well, let me know!)

Urban Decay, Urban Decay, Urban Decay, Urban Decay

Benefit, Benefit, Benefit


P.S. Feel free to check out part one for Spring collections from Dior, Estee Lauder, and Guerlain!

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  • I am going to pick up that set and sell the other pencils I won't use.

    • Ooh, you're a brave one! :p Which pencils are you planning on not using (and how much are you looking to get for them, LOL)?

      • I don't know. Probably let them go for $10 each??? About half of them I won't use… I only keep neutrals lolAre you interested?

        • Hmm, quite possibly. I've been looking for Midnight Cowboy, if you're looking to let that one go!

  • bella bamba is SOOOO pretty!

    • It certainly sounds like it would be! Have you seen it irl, lovely?

      • yes, i have! i swatched it on the back of my hand and it looked pretty. i'm assuming it'll look pretty on my cheeks, too :p

  • I was admiring the UD Afterglow blush just moments ago! It's one of the new products for Spring that I'm most starry-eyed for–I'm in a total blush phase right now.

    Also, the URL box is not appearing for me :(


      I'll get right onto trying to fix that; thanks for the heads-up, lovely!

  • Haha, no problem! I doubt you'll have troubles splitting the set anyways ;)