A year with theNotice: our favourites

Yesterday, I put up a list of (what I’m assuming were) your top ten posts and labels – that is, the ones with the most pageviews. Today, I’m sharing a bunch of my own favourite posts! Keep in mind, though, that this won’t include my favourite products of the year — those can be found here.

Our favourite titles:

  • “Urban Decay fails to put the Rocket in my Pocket, and is thus banned from my general face area.” {check out this post}
  • “Fresh Supernova – probably about as pretty as a real supernova. But safer.” {check out this post}

Our favourite Canadian collection:


Our favourite decisions:

  • Joining Shopstyle! I’m still in love with the super-cute, super-clean widgets. {check out our stylebook}
  • Giving up on the cosmetics industry for a day and instead, blending the perfect coral blusher at home {check out the shade}

Our favourite looks:

Two bright-but-(hopefully)-wearable eyes {blue, pink}

A choose-your-severity sort of look {NYFW}

A bit of whimsy {stars}

My own personal favourite at the moment {graphic}

And finally, one of our favourite random lines:


That’s all, I believe. Thank you so much for an amazing 2010… now let’s have an even more epic better even more epic 2011, yah?

P.S. Here’s a list of your favourite posts from ’09 ;)

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  • glittergeek

    Nice post! After seeing your list, I just realized that I still haven't done a pink EOTD. Must try that sometime.

    Another thing! The Shopstyle widget is not visible in your RSS feed, so I almost never click through to your post. Think there's a remedy to this?
    My recent post Thanks for the Good Times- 2010- Our Best Posts of the Year

    • Hrmmm. Probably not – sorry hon! If I sneak a widget into a post in the future, though, I'll try to denote it with some text : )

  • lol at the seamonster comment, but i have to agree. what is going on with the neck?!

    happy new year, lovely! here's to more blog posts in 2011 :)
    My recent post Happy New Year!

  • D x

    That seamonster comment is really funny!
    My recent post Small Beauty Blogs have a new member!

  • Rae, you're gorgeouss! And so are your looks. Love the blue and purple ones in particular. I can never perfect my outer v :'( Also the last time I used pink eyeshadow I looked deranged.

    On a sidenote I'm Asian too, and I'm happy to discover Asian beauty bloggers like you :)
    My recent post Pop Beauty Nail Glam in Brave and Twinkle