Hard Candy Glamoflauge: yes, I’m totally crazy about it.

Just as a preface to the review: Glamoflauge comes as a set, with both a pencil and a tube of concealer. The pencil was fine – regular low-end-of-the-drugstore stuff if you ask me – but the cream product really wowed me. So, this review is for the latter only!

What it is: Hard Candy Glamoflauge, in Light

What’s kind of crazy:  I’ve been in love with theBalm’s timeBalm for years (years!) and surprisingly… I think I may like this even more. On top of that (here’s the truly crazy part), it’ll only run you six dollars. $6! Seriously!!

(I warned you that it was crazy.)

[Edited to add: the whole review was pretty crazy, actually, so I just went ahead and edited that right into the title. Glamoflauge = crazy Rae. And now that we have that out of the way, onto the review.]

The formula: The one downfall of Glamoflauge is its texture, which is on the dry side for something that’s packaged in a tube. My beloved timeBalm has a lot more slip to it, making it easier to blend, and I’m concerned with how well Glamoflauge will sit with ageing skin (especially around the eyes). However, on my combination slightly oily/very dry skin, I have no issues with creasing or catching — it blends just fine and stays where it’s put, but the formula does take some getting used to. When I first started testing this out, I kept trying to use more product than I actually needed!

Indirect sunlight; click to enlarge (a lot).

L – R: NC 15, NW 15, the Balm timeBalm Lighter Than Light, Hard Candy Glamoflauge Light tube, Hard Candy Glamoflauge Light pencil, NC 20, NW25, NC30. All MAC shades are Studio Finish concealer.

The pigmentation: As you may have already guessed, the pigmentation of Glamoflauge knocked my socks right off. In one word, it is fantastic. This conceals just as well as high-coverage formulas like MUFE Full Cover and Lancome Effacernes, but it does it at a fraction of the price. Plus, it manages to do it without silicones, parabens, or fragrances — an impressive feat for any face product, if you ask me, much less a heavy-duty concealer.

The ingredients:

The verdict? I don’t dole out the “Holy Grail” label very often, but this is very much deserving of it. I love the basic formula, I love the incredible pigmentation, and I love the price. It’s not yet available in Canadian Wal-Mart stores (the only place where Hard Candy is sold), but I’m such a fan of this that I’d literally start calling US relatives and begging them to ship me a tube if I needed another.

(I won’t, though… not for a good long time. There’s a whopping 20g of product in the tube, and while I’m not condoning the use of old products, I can’t see how I’d manage to finish this with anything less than a few years of daily use!)

Indirect sunlight with flash support; click to enlarge (a lot).

L – R: NC 15, NW 15, the Balm timeBalm Lighter Than Light, Hard Candy Glamoflauge Light tube, Hard Candy Glamoflauge Light pencil, NC 20, NW25, NC30. All MAC shades are Studio Finish concealer.

Recommended if you’re looking for something…

  • High-coverage and long-wearing
  • Cruelty-free
  • Super, super cheap
  • Paraben-, fragrance-, and silicone-free

Not recommended if you’re looking for something…

  • Sheer
  • Illuminating (no micro-shimmers here, thank you very much!)
  • Really hydrating

Oh! And P.S. here’s a shot of the itty-bitty pencil, which for some strange reason is a TON darker than the cream product:

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  • gah! i NEED this! studio finish concealer is nowhere near enough coverage for me. everything it does is what i need, and at drugstore price?! rae, if you have any info, PLEASE let us know when it'll be available in canadian walmarts. PLEASE :)
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    • I will; I will. Promise! In the meantime, do you have any friends/family that could ship you a tube or two? :p

    • C'erine

      I've actually already seen it in my local (Canadian) walmart
      try a different location maybe?

      • Whoo! *cheering* It wasn't up here when the review came out (mid-December), but it's great to hear that they've made it to Canada :) Thanks for the heads-up!

  • BeckBeck

    but… the pun is misspelled! Seriously, it looks like a great concealer, but I'm not sure I can get past the U being in the wrong place.

    • It keeps messing me up, as well! > : ( For how fantastic this is, though, I can overlook the spelling :p

  • Laura R

    (how awful they can't spell it right.)

    GREAT review lady!

    you can use the pencil as a lipliner, right? it is very odd how different in shade they are.

    i am pretty happy with maybelline concealers at the moment but i like HC (and it's even cheaper!) so i'll get this next!

    • Aww, thanks Laura! I suppose you *could* use the pencil as a lip liner if it matches, but it's a LOT darker…. hmm. (It was actually intended to be used to help conceal things like tattoos, according to the packaging.)

      However, Rae = tattoo free :P

  • shoomin

    Your blog is really fantastic :) I find myself checking it for updates so often!

    Have you used this under your eyes? My undereye area can get a bit dry compared to the rest of my very oily face. Aaaaand another question: do you like to apply this with your finger or a brush?


    • Aww, thank you so much! :)

      I have used this under my eyes, and I really like it as an undereye concealer! (My undereye area can get pretty dry, too.) It lasts all day and doesn't make the dryness look icky or cakey, which is awesome. I always use a brush to apply it in my undereye area; I find that fingers put TOO much product on the skin, and that's when it can look a little dry. I will sometimes blend it out with my fingers after applying with a brush, though, if I'm in a hurry!

      (And just as a P.S. I'd recommend a synthetic foundation or concealer brush for this one; fluffy blending brushes don't seem to move the product quite as well.)

      • shoomin

        Thanks for the helpful reply! I got it the other day and have been experimenting. I don't have quite the hang of it yet as I've only tried my fingers or a fluffy blending brush, but thanks for the tip! I'll have to try a regular concealer brush. I was shocked at how well it matched my super yellow skin (in medium).

        Merry Christmas!

  • Christina

    Oooh I got this and love love it! The only concern I have is that light is a bit too light but I'm afraid that medium would be way too dark. Sigh, the perils of being a medium with pink undertones rather than yellow like 99% of the population.

    • Aww :( *hugs*! It's okay, I'm light with cool yellow undertones — which is just plain-out WEIRD. This is one of the first concealers I've tried that actually matched on the first go!

      What if you bought a medium and blended the two? For $6 apiece… :p

  • Ahh and it sounded so promising :< I'm going to have to skip out because the area that needs concealer the most (undereye circles) is the driest part of my face. Sorry to hear you don't have Hard Candy in your Wal-Marts yet! They have been in Vancouver ones for a couple months now *crosses fingers for you*
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    • My undereyes are super-dry as well, but this looks totally fine on them! (Just don't LOAD it on, obviously — apply sparingly and layer, and the result is just fab.)

      I believe we do have HC in our wal-marts (I actually haven't looked), but Glamoflauge hasn't hit Canada yet. I hope it gets here soon, though; I always feel bad for raving about products that can't be found up here :p

      • Hurray, my hope is renewed! For the price, it won't hurt too bad if it doesn't work out. I'm pretty sure I saw Glamoflauge in a nearby Wal-Mart so now I'm anxious to check tomorrow.

        Peeked at one of your other responses btw~~ I always applied concealer with my fingers for the longest time because that's what everybody said you were supposed to do. After I bought my first concealer brush it made such a difference, but for reasons different than yours–I feel like my brush "eats" less of my concealer than my finger, leaving it on my face instead of picking it up. I'm usually very wary of packing it on so overdoing it is rare.
        My recent post last minute stocking stuffers

        • Same here! I'm hooked on a brushes-and-fingers method now, though: brushes let me put as much or as little product down as I want (and as you said, they definitely "eat" a lot less product!) but I always blend out the edges with my fingertips at the end. Brisk little tappig motions, of course; no tugging :p

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  • Liz

    there is silica in this product.

    • Um… yes there is. I'm not totally sure why you felt the need to say that, though? It's kinda random :p

  • Mili

    I keep checking back at numerous Walmarts but still can't find any! Can't wait to try it

    • Psst – just to let you know, Glamoflauge has finally made it to Canadian Wal-Marts! Good luck finding it :) x

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  • Babyangel

    Hello girlyy i was wondering do you know if it got to the canadian Walmarts in Calgary AB i want to try this so bad but cant find it:( Please let me know if any of you ladies know any info regarding this..Thanks xoxox

    • Hi : ) I know some Canadian Wal-Marts already have it, but I'm not in Calgary, so I can't help you there – sorry!

      Hope it's in your area soon :)

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  • I saw this and immediately thought: MUFE Full Cover Concealer! Thanks so much for this review. If you don't mind my asking, how do you think the two compare?

    • Ack, I'm not sure! I've tested MUFE Full Cover once or twice, but I've never bought it to try extensively. I think (and don't quote me on this) that the MUFE is a little higher coverage, a little thicker, but I'd definitely say they're comparable as high-coverage liquid/cream concealers. :)

      (If you can find a Glamoflauge shade that works for you, pick it up! The price point is so much better, and the only shortfall it has that I can think of is the shade range.)