Cozzette Divinity S brush reviews

What they are: Cozzette S-line brushes, in S125, S135, and S175.

The S125 ($30)

This one’s supposed to be a blush/powder brush, and it’s definitely my favourite of all of the Cozzette brushes. It’s ridiculously soft, but the bristles are still dense and firm — not very like an Ecotools brush, to be honest. The large handle is weighted gorgeously, and the brush feels luxe and is easy to use.

Good for: applying powder, bronzer, face powder, and pigmented blushers (it’s perfect for getting just a tiny bit of product, but you do lose a bit of control as the head is quite large).

Compare it to: MAC 150, maybe? I think it’s even larger, actually!

The S135 ($28)

The S135 masquerades as the “contour stylist,” and to be honest I think it would be so much easier if more brushes were given names like that (rather than letter-number). The current system is just so confusing!

That said, though, I also really love the S135. It’s really, really dense, but still super-soft — to be honest I’ve never felt a brush that was both this dense and firm, and this soft at the same time. (And that includes the obscenely expensive ones!)

Good for: contouring if you’re (a) using a sheer product, or (b) great with blending! It’s also fabulous to get a really concentrated pop of colour on the apples of your cheeks.

Compare it to: MAC 116, Bare Escentuals Handy Buki but this is so much softer. (Sorry, BE, but I kind of abhor your brushes).

The S175 ($16)

This one’s also known as the medium eye contour brush, and they say that it’s “designed to compliment the eye socket and enable blending of shadows,” so I was hoping it would be a MAC 217 dupe — but it’s not much like it, to be honest.

However, that’s not to say that it’s a bad brush. Not at all! It’s simply longer and floppier than the I was expecting, with a pointier tip and softer bristles. I prefer not to use it as an eyeshadow brush, instead opting to use it for applying and blending cream products.

I do need to point out one thing, though: the insanely long handle. Does not compute! Does not compute! I don’t understand why it has to be SO much longer than my other brushes; it knocks into my mirror if I forget to compensate for its length and looks out of place with the rest of my brushes.

Good for: concealer and cream eyeshadows. It’s absolutely fabulous at buffing concealer under your eyes, on red spots; anything. I’ve been reaching for it 3-4 times a week, which gets it a big thumbs-up in my books!

Compare it to: MAC 224, Stila #9

The verdict: these three brushes definitely get the “holy grail” stamp of approval from me, even if the others in the line fall just short. I love them so much; it’s ridiculous! The powder brush is definitely my favourite, followed by the blusher and “eye contour” (lies!) brush. If you only want to try out one Cozzette brush… make sure it’s one of these, ‘kay? :)

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  • Thanks for reviewing Rae. I'm now wanting the Cozette S125… it's terrible that this brand is not accessible where I live. It will be an extra effort (and moolah!) for me to acquire this.

    I am just curious when you say "soft". Honestly, I've never spent over $12 for a face brush and the softest I've ever considered was Everydayminerals' (EDM) kabuki and flat top brushes. These are cheap brushes but are really soft on my skin. So I'm thinking… if the S125 is truly soft, it must be softer than what I think is already soft since it costs double EDM's. I don't know how soft the MAC 150 is.

    Have you tried EDM brushes?
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    • You're welcome! I know, they're a bit of a pain to get your hands on right now, but so are items from most independent shops :/

      I haven't tried EDM brushes, but I've tried synthetics by Ecotools and The Body Shop — and like these so, so much more. I used the MAC brush for size comparison only; this is quite literally exponentially softer than that, so don't feel the need to go find 'n feel one :p

      For the cheap(er) synthetics that I've already tried, I find that all of them were similarly soft at first buy (these being a touch softer, obviously) but when you start using them, you really notice the difference. My other brushes felt stiffer and more static-y over time, even with proper care (gentle washing; conditioning, even!) whereas these feel just as soft as they were when they were new. Plus, there is a HUGE difference in the density of the brush — the other brushes feel really floppy, like each fiber is so soft that it can't stand up on its own. These, on the other hand, are really soft but each fiber holds its own.

      Bleh, sorry that was such a novel! Did it help any, at least? If not, I can try (okay, and probably fail) to re-explain it :p

      • nah Rae… i hear you :D Like when you said how those brushes become stiffer over time.

        I'm now looking for a way to send you the EDM brush because it's such a soft brush. I've had it for more than a year now and they're still as soft as they felt the first time they kissed my skin. *looks for a shipping service that doesn't charge crazy*
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        • Aww! ((hugs)) Don't worry about it ;) If I ever try one out, though, I'll be sure to let you know how they compare to the Cozzette brushes!

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  • Amanda

    Thank you for the review, it was super helpful
    I have been searching for a set of brushes that are actually worth the cost.
    At first I looked at Sigma, and thought they were heavenly until I read that people on youtube are sponsored by them in one way or another. In reality, I heard that they shed, bleed and fall apart.
    Do you genuinely think Cozzettes' are worth the cost? or are they another well marketed company like Sigma

    • Hi Amanda,

      Actually, I think just the opposite! Unlike Sigma, Cozzette has no affiliate/sponsorship program, and they do very little blogger outreach — most of the reviews I've read have actually been by bloggers who bought them themselves.

      I received these brushes for review, but after six years of blogging, that's how I've come by most of my brush collection — and I can honestly say that these are the most luxurious of the bunch. I've used my S125 and S175 almost every day for the past three years (yeah, I like them that much), and they still look and feel brand new.

      I think they're worth the cost *if* you have the budget for them, but the Real Techniques line comes a close second at a fraction of the cost. I love their Expert Face Brush and Shading Brush, and they're really good quality for the price — but they don't look or feel nearly as opulent as the Cozzette brushes.

      I use a mix of the two in my everyday routine, and it works well for me ;) Real Techniques for the "heavy lifiting" (like buffing in cream foundation quickly), and Cozzette for a little bit of everyday luxury (a finishing veil of powder).

      Hope that helps, and sorry that it was so long! I really do think Cozzette brushes are worth the money, but other brushes will work just as well (but they won't be quite as soft, quite as nice to hold, etc.) ♥

  • Thank you so much!!! I infinitely appreciate you and your kind – professional words. You are correct about the fact that I do very little "blogger outreach". I am blessed to be guided by intuition and know that the right product will be received and appreciated by the right people. Like you! I'm a working makeup artist for over 25 years and I put my heart and soul into creating my brand. So, I guess my expectations of a review are pretty high. You have exceeded my expectations!!! All my love!

    Wishing you all the abundance and love you well deserve,
    Roque Cozzette
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    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Roque! The amount of love and work you put into your brand never fails to warm my heart — to see you in the trenches on an everyday basis, interacting with bloggers and consumers, is nothing short of inspiring.

      Hope you are well, and take care.

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