Cozzette brush review roundup

  • Reviews of the D225 and D230 {here}
  • Reviews of the S125, S135, and S175 {here}
  • Review of the P350 {here}

I know, I’ve kind of OD’ed on Cozzette over the last little while… but I have some serious love for these brushes, ladies. I may stop writing theNotice just so I can spend all my time with my S125.

(Kidding! Calm down. It’s going to be okay).

Anyhow, I did want to wrap this up with a bit more info about the Cozzette line (aside from the fact that all of the brushes feature gorgeous purple handles). There are some things inherent to the Divinity collection, so I didn’t bother to mention them in every single review!

Things to remember…

  • These brushes run at about the same price (or less) as MAC brushes, so while they may be a bit of an investment, the prices aren’t too bad. (Plus, they’re totally worth it if you ask me!)
  • I’ve washed these numerous times already (I try to make sure to wash brushes at least 3-4 times before reviewing them), and I haven’t had a single problem with shedding — of any of the brushes. Gotta say; I’m impressed.
  • Cozzette brushes are all cruelty-free, and they’re made out of the *softest* synthetic ever. I challenge you to find a softer one, seriously. And you can’t be on hallucinogenic substances when you find it.
  • The line is independent. In other words, a really cool makeup artist is profiting from your purchase, not a huge multinational corporation. For some reason, that makes me really happy!

Compared to Ecotools brushes…

  • I love my Ecotools, but these really show them up! You can definitely feel the price difference in the form of quality (which makes my wallet cry a little). Here’s a few of the more noticeable differences:
  • Cozzette brushes have really luxe, weighte handles; Ecotools have light handles and tend to be top-heavy.
  • Cozzette face/cheek brushes are more dense and a lot less floppy; Ecotools face/cheek brushes are a little are on the sparse side.
  • Cozzette bristles are just… softer. It’s crazy: I thought Ecotools were as soft as it gets, but these are definitely softer and smoother.

The verdict? Honey, you need a Cozzette face (or cheek) brush. You really do. I very, very rarely say things like this, but…  I think you should splurge on one. (And I mean, hey! It’s Christmas!)


Okay, but really. They’re the most luxurious synthetic line I’ve ever tried, they’re cruelty-free, and they’re not actually terribly expensive. I would definitely, totally, completely recommend splashing out a little for at least one of these.

What can I say? A really luxurious powder brush is just a really, really  nice way to start off your morning!

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  • Hi Rae, Thank you very much for the kind words. I really appreciate it. All the best for this holiday season.

    In spirit, love and unity,
    Roque Cozzette

    • Hi Roque,

      I was due in to forward these links to you this weekend, but I suppose that now I will not have to! Thank you so much for sending us these brushes to review; I truly enjoyed them and was very impressed with the line.

      All my best,


  • tomiokuno

    Wraugh I'm so into those handles they are so gorgeous!! Merg, I've been thinking a lot about weeding through all of the crappy brushes I have. I love that the powder brushes are so dense~ definitely something I look for. I do have one question about the eyeshadow brushes… I know that my eco tools set had an eyeshadow brush that was definitely very soft, but stiff. I prefer my eyeshadow brushes slightly slightly more sparse so that they flex a little easier. How are these in comparison to the ecotools in terms of that?

    • I know! They're absolutely lovely.

      The eyeshadow brushes that I tried are definitely soft, both in terms of smoothness and in… floppiness, if you will? In other words: yes, they do flex easily :)

  • WendyD

    Have you tried the Everyday Minerals brushes? I was sent 14 of their brushes as a part of a "Fan Club" prize as the company was going down the crapper. While I wouldn't order their makeup again, the brushes are fantastic. They're incredibly soft – They blow Ecotools out of the water as well (EDM were my first brushes – I never got the hype with Ecotools. EDM is denser and softer). I have doubles of an eye kabuki, and the one I've been using for over a year looks just like my new backup one :)

    From the looks of their site, they've actually stopped carrying a bunch of their brushes (all of their eye ones..?)… I really don't know what the company is doing any more though ^^;

    I'm sitting here with my brushes in hand and they are slightly top heavy though. And my god those Cozzette brushes are gorgeous! I'm definitely checking them out when I need replacements :)

    • I haven't, but everyone keeps talking about them… and it kind of makes me want to give them a go. (If only so that I can compare them :p) I'm very much NOT thrilled with their business practices, though, so tbh I'd rather give my $$ to a company like Cozzette : )

      • WendyD

        Agreed; their business practices are downright atrocious at times. I wish I could get the same brushes from another company. :/

        • Same here — then I could actually try them (without feeling guilty!) :p

  • BooBooNinja

    Hi lovely lady :)
    Do you still love your Cozzette brushes? Are the face brushes as still soft and free of shedding?
    I find myself often on the Cozzette website, eyeing the S120 Diamond Blender brush.
    I'd like it to replace my large tulip brush which is too rough for my delicate skin (and it now sheds!).
    I wonder… are the Cozzette brushes worth the $20 S&H?
    BooBooNinja :)

    • Hey, dearling!

      I definitely do still love these — I use my S125 every morning :) It's by far my favourite powder brush (and I have quite a few of them, to be honest!) No shedding, still just as soft — I haven't had a single problem with any of them over the past few years.

      That said… I mean, $20 for S&H is pretty darn high (especially for just one brush!) It's been keeping me from ordering more, but — maybe if you split an order with a friend/family member, or picked up a few more staples, too? I don't really reach for any of my P or D series brushes, but I love all of my S series ones :)

      Anyhow. I hope that helps! I'm a little sleep-delirious, so feel free to ask more questions if my reply was nonsensical :p