Annabelle insomnia Multi-Dome Quads: photos and swatches

Finally — the long-awaited Multi-Dome Eyeshadow photos! Reviews of the quads will be up later today, but for now… feel free to feast your eyes on the photos. Check out the reviews here. My apologies to our out-of-Canada readers; I promise to have more universal material up tomorrow :) I’m thinking… Clinique Holiday collection?


Midnight Multi-Dome Eyeshadow

Midnight dry/wet swatches, indirect sunlight

Midnight dry/wet swatches, direct sunlight

Midnight Multi-Dome Eyeshadow, pans


Insomnia Multi-Dome Eyeshadow

Insomnia dry/wet swatches, indirect sunlight

Insomnia dry/wet swatches, direct sunlight

Insomnia Multi-Dome Eyeshadow, pans


Disturbia Multi-Dome Eyeshadow

Disturbia dry/wet swatches, indirect sunlight

Disturbia dry/wet swatches, direct sunlight

Disturbia Multi-Dome Eyeshadow, pans

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