The Gift Guide: Luxe for a Lot

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We’ve had our winter cold snap here in Edmonton which means two things: (1) It’s really @)#*!@ cold, and (2) Christmas is coming!

So: I wanted to share a “Luxe for a Lot” post with you today, because let’s be honest: sure, you can get some pretty luxe products for not a lot of dough, but there’s nothing quite like treating yourself (or someone else) to one amazing-but-pricy gift. Or maybe two. Or three… but anyhow, my point is this: sometimes it really is worth saving up all year to pick up just one or two Holiday items.

Here are a few of our recommendations! We’ll be sharing some “Luxe for a Little” items soon, too, so don’t you fret. (Plus, I’ll put together our annual “holy crap these items cost what??!” post soon. I’m sure it’ll make these price tags seem a little less startling!) (more…)

Cozzette Divinity P350 brush review

Monday, November 29, 2010

What it is: Cozzette’s P350 brush

The P350 ($18)

Okay, this is a really weird brush. If you’ve never used one like this before… you’re in for a big surprise! The bristles are really springy and really smooth. Like, really springy. I can practically bounce this brush off my face!

There’s a pretty good demo on how to use this brush on the Cozzette site; basically, you use the side of the cylinder (not the top) to blend your product. I like that they’ve chosen slightly thicker synthetic bristles, and that the brush is fairly dense — it “eats” less product, so you have to use less.

Good for: undereye concealer, and for applying/blending concealer on red/ruddy/discoloured patches.

Compare it to: I’m not sure! It’s sort of like a smaller version of Adesign’s Pointed Foundation Brush, or Stila’s One Step Complexion brush, I guess?


Cozzette Divinity D brush reviews

What they are: Cozzette D-line brushes, in D225 and D230.

The D225 ($16)

Cozzette’s D225 is their “depositor,” made for applying pops of colour and hilights. And it’s great at both! However, I don’t reach for it often, simply because I don’t usually use this type of brush — I tend to opt for a thicker eye brush (this one’s fairly thin) so that I can use it to deposit colour and start buffing out the edges.

That said, though… this is ridiculously soft, and it’s great at its job.

Good for: depositing pops of colour, hilighting, foiling (but not buffing) shadows onto the lid.

Compare it to: Sephora #12


New products 28/11/10

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Okay, so I feel like L’Occitane’s makeup line is like… the cutest thing to happen since, um, ever. I mean, it’s just SO cute! Phenomenally, mindblowingly, stunningly cute!

I don’t suppose anyone has seen it in person and can tell me all about it? I feel like the launch was pretty soft — didn’t hear much about it, really, and I haven’t read any reviews since.

Sunday Steals and Deals

Rainbow eyelashes.

Rainbow eyelashes!!!

P.S. I have a few Flirt! shadows from last year’s set and totally love them. Definitely recommended!

Ellis Faas 207 and Benefit Gilded

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Have been loving this lip recently! It’s at once very polished, very natural, and very, very easy. What do you think? I know, it looks like a whole lot of nothing — but my natural lip colour is (unfortunately) not nearly this lovely.

Products in this post…

Do you have a go-to natural-pink lip colour? Do share!

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