The Gift Guide: Luxe for a Lot

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We’ve had our winter cold snap here in Edmonton which means two things: (1) It’s really @)#*!@ cold, and (2) Christmas is coming!

So: I wanted to share a “Luxe for a Lot” post with you today, because let’s be honest: sure, you can get some pretty luxe products for not a lot of dough, but there’s nothing quite like treating yourself (or someone else) to one amazing-but-pricy gift. Or maybe two. Or three… but anyhow, my point is this: sometimes it really is worth saving up all year to pick up just one or two Holiday items.

Here are a few of our recommendations! We’ll be sharing some “Luxe for a Little” items soon, too, so don’t you fret. (Plus, I’ll put together our annual “holy crap these items cost what??!” post soon. I’m sure it’ll make these price tags seem a little less startling!) (more…)

Cozzette Divinity P350 brush review

Monday, November 29, 2010

What it is: Cozzette’s P350 brush

The P350 ($18)

Okay, this is a really weird brush. If you’ve never used one like this before… you’re in for a big surprise! The bristles are really springy and really smooth. Like, really springy. I can practically bounce this brush off my face!

There’s a pretty good demo on how to use this brush on the Cozzette site; basically, you use the side of the cylinder (not the top) to blend your product. I like that they’ve chosen slightly thicker synthetic bristles, and that the brush is fairly dense — it “eats” less product, so you have to use less.

Good for: undereye concealer, and for applying/blending concealer on red/ruddy/discoloured patches.

Compare it to: I’m not sure! It’s sort of like a smaller version of Adesign’s Pointed Foundation Brush, or Stila’s One Step Complexion brush, I guess?


Cozzette Divinity D brush reviews

What they are: Cozzette D-line brushes, in D225 and D230.

The D225 ($16)

Cozzette’s D225 is their “depositor,” made for applying pops of colour and hilights. And it’s great at both! However, I don’t reach for it often, simply because I don’t usually use this type of brush — I tend to opt for a thicker eye brush (this one’s fairly thin) so that I can use it to deposit colour and start buffing out the edges.

That said, though… this is ridiculously soft, and it’s great at its job.

Good for: depositing pops of colour, hilighting, foiling (but not buffing) shadows onto the lid.

Compare it to: Sephora #12


New products 28/11/10

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Okay, so I feel like L’Occitane’s makeup line is like… the cutest thing to happen since, um, ever. I mean, it’s just SO cute! Phenomenally, mindblowingly, stunningly cute!

I don’t suppose anyone has seen it in person and can tell me all about it? I feel like the launch was pretty soft — didn’t hear much about it, really, and I haven’t read any reviews since.

Sunday Steals and Deals

Rainbow eyelashes.

Rainbow eyelashes!!!

P.S. I have a few Flirt! shadows from last year’s set and totally love them. Definitely recommended!

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