Annabelle insomnia collection review: Glitterama eyeliners

The rest of these reviews will go up over the next week or two, as I need more time to test out the shadows before I’ll be able to properly review them! However, I’ve reviewed this eyeliner in the past, so I thought we may as well get this post out now ;)

What they are: Annabelle Glitterama Liquid Eyeliners in Night Light and Dark Angel.
Like all Glitterama liners, these have three main features:
  1. They take for-e-ver to dry.
  2. However, once they’re set, they stay amazingly!
  3. They can be worn on their own, but look much better over other eyeliner.

For a full review of a Glitterama liquid eyeliner, check out our Plutonium post.

While I do like the moody glitter of Dark Angel, what really takes my breath away is the almost-wet finish of Night Light. I can see it layering amazingly over just about any eyeliner out there!
Top line: Night Light / bottom line: Dark Angel
Because swatches directly on the lid really don’t show off how lovely these can be, I took a few shots with them layered over Marcelle’s 2 in 1 Retractable Eyeliner in Amythest. I mean, you definitely can wear them alone, but you do need a lot of layering to do it! The Glitterama liners are made to be glitter suspended in a clear gel, not liquid liners with glitter thrown in, and not metallic-finish  liners (like Marcelle’s LUX Metallic ones).
I actually surprised myself with the liner combination below; I did it just for ease of swatching but found that I quite liked it! Dark Angel close to the lashline really helps to add depth, but the shine of Night Light on the top of the liner really opened up my eyes eye. It just takes an extra thirty seconds to switch liners, so I’d definitely do it again ;)
Top half of the line: Night Light / bottom half of the line: Dark Angel
The verdict? As you already know, I quite like the Glitterama line, and these are no exception! Personally, these shades are not my favourites, as I like my glitter to have more colour in it, but as far as “easy to wear” glitter goes, these are perfect. Dark Angel is a lovely almost-black blue with brighter, sea-blue reflects, and Night Life would honestly add a subtle bit of oomph (in the form of gorgeous, multicoloured reflects) to any eyeliner already in your collection. And for under $8CAD, I have no problems with the price!

Recommended if…

  • You really like either of the shades,
  • You’d rather not wear in-your-face glitter, but you’d still like to try it out,
  • You want day-appropriate glitter (Night Life),
  • You want to be able to layer your glitter over any colour, for the most combinations possible!
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