A frightful Halloween video

(Frightful because it is mine, not because it is actually frightening).

The other contouring video mentioned can be found here. Happy Halloween; hope you enjoy the media!

Products mentioned:

  • Ben Nye Cream Hilight, Ultralight {link}
  • Urban Decay Eye Shadow, Cult {link}
  • Cozzette Contour Stylist S135 {link}
  • Annabelle Dome Face Powder, Nox {link}
Possible alternatives:

  • Ecotools’ Bamboo Blush Brush, which is much less dense and smooth than the Cozzette S135, but is also a ton cheaper {link}
  • Any light-coloured MAC MSF, which have a finer shimmer than Nox {link}
  • Under-$10 alternatives (not tried and tested) for the face powder: love and beauty {link}, Sonia Kashuk {link}, Palladio {link}

ETA: here are a few photographs that you might find helpful! The first is a straight-on shot to help compare the effect of the two types of contouring (notice the sweeping roundness of the cheek on your right, vs the harder line on your left), the second is a shot of smooth contouring, and the third is the straight-line cheek. 

P.S. Anyone going trick-or-treating? :P
P.P.S. Damn, do I ever need to start filming in the daytime…
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