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Monday, September 27, 2010

Not much to say today other than “blame the readings.” Seriously; there are so many of them! I have the sneaking suspicion that my Sociology prof is A) totally crazy, B) totally brilliant, and/or C) secretly trying to teach the course as if it was a FemLit class, rather than a general Soc one.

So, instead of a tutorial, today you will get a simple statement: Marcelle’s Lux Metallic eyeliners blend and layer like whoa! I love how insanely easy it is to create an ombre effect with them.

Wait! I lied (again.) I actually have two more things to say — it was incredibly difficult to intensify the pinky-violet, and even harder to keep the distinct separation of the blue and pink/violet/whatever the heck you want to call it. I really like the final effect, but I don’t know… Purple Haze isn’t exactly in my “good books” right now.

More photos, a “products used,” and some dupe suggestions behind the cut!

And one more not-so-great photo, to show off that awesome ombre:

Products used:

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
theBalm timeBalm in Lighter Than Light
MAC Eye Shadow in Blanc Type

MAC Eye Shadow in Gorgeous Gold (LE in Delights)
Annabelle Mono Eye Shadow in B-Ray (disc)
Annabelle Mineral Pigment in Tidal (LE)
Urban Decay Eye Ehadow in Purple Haze
Marcelle Lux Metallic eyeliners in Aqua and Ultraviolet

If you want to shop some of the products used:
(Argh, I can NOT get this spread to centre itself within the box!)

NYX, TheBalm, Urban Decay, M·A·C


And if you’d rather try to dupe it:
I’ve heard that Revlon Vintage Lace (bottom left) is a great replacement for MAC Blanc Type, and Riviera Blue is as close to B-Ray as you’re going to get! Plus, everyone keeps raving about Illamasqua mattes… perhaps they’re more impressive than Urban Decay’s were?

Paul & Joe, Bare Escentuals, LORAC, Revlon


Our third birthday

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I just realized that theNotice turns three today. I was going to have an epic post; all the things we’ve loved and all the things we’ve learned. But all I can come up with is “holy cripes; three years is a long time.” I feel old!

Today’s mid-morning snack was unintentionally appropriate: a banana sundae, minus the ice cream. Healthy(ish,) tasty, and celebratory!
We’ve met an incredible number of amazing ladies (and men,) tried out some really awesome products (and some not-so-awesome ones,) developed our writing style (albeit at a painfully slow pace…)
So yah, it’s been worth it. Posting every day, hauling our arses my arse (why is it so hard for me to stay in the singular?!) out of armchairs and onto computer chairs, countless hours of photo-taking, product testing, and writing, writing, writing. And I’ve loved every moment of it; I absolutely love it.
Well. Happy third birthday, my dear blog :) And a huge thank you to all of our wonderful readers; you ladies really make blogging worth it!

New at… Sephora

Of course, the “New at…” posts just can’t stop. Why not, you ask? Well, makeup companies just won’t slow it down with those new releases!

But hey, we’re not complaining ;)

Remember: you can get to the product pages of any of these items just by clicking on the images! Even the ones in little collage-like spreads.

To start us off, a confession: the copious numbers of sets coming out kind of freak me out. I mean, Christmas shopping?! We must start Christmas shopping already!!?!


What’s definitely freaking me out less (and making me way more curious,) though, are the new Sephora Favorites sets.
Sephora, Sephora, Sephora, Sephora

There’s a new Lancome foundation that has me getting all curious as well, but I’m sure it (sigh) has ‘cones.

And a few new lipsticks Sephora will be carrying. It’s a good time to be a lipstick, apparently, and I couldn’t be more happy about it. Call me old-fashioned, but I love me a good lipstick!

Ooh, and have you seen the new Tokidoki quad? Finally, one that I can get behind! All that wonderful violet…

Lastly: Sephora doesn’t have the floor space to sell Cargo anymore, but they can find the space for a mascara with a “fierce panther head”? Perhaps this should have been a “Things That Scare Me” post.

{Marcus Lawett}

Saturday, September 25, 2010

images credit marcus lawett. via desire to inspire.

Fresh Firebird mascara won’t make your lashes rise like a phoenix.

Friday, September 24, 2010

What it is: Fresh Firebird mascara

Firstly: can you believe how phenomenally long it took me to get this post up? I took the photos a few days after taking them for Fresh Supernova, the other mascara in the Magic Wands duo (review here.) And yet, somehow, my massive procrastination managed to get the better of me…

The lash: one coat, two coats, three — no matter how many you put on, Firebird maintains a very soft, feathery look. When I say “soft,” I mean it in two ways: not only do my lashes look soft and natural, they feel soft and natural, too. Those seeing false-lash-like drama should look elsewhere, but ladies who seek a “my lashes but better” look (like me) will definitely fall for this effect! I’m not sure if it’s from the formula or from the brush, but I’m hoping for the latter. Why? Stop asking questions and read on; I’m about to tell you why!

The catch…es: Firebird’s formula totally takes the curl out of my lashes. Normally, I can “set” the lash in a curl, even with the wettest mascaras — but with Firebird, the curl just won’t stay. It doesn’t straighten my lashes completely, but just one coat takes out about 80% of the curl! And, as if that wasn’t bad enough, Firebird smudges like mad below my eyes (though, most mascaras do on me,) and it’s not as dark as I’d like it to be. I like a really black, patent effect, but this finish is matte and a little charcoal-y.



The verdict? I don’t say this often, because at least from my point of view, most products will work for someone… but I just can’t recommend this one. The price ($26 US) is way too high, and while my lashes look gorgeously feathery, the curl is out by noon. Not to mention, half the product’s smudged under my eyes by then!

Try it only if…

  • You’re going to be layering it. I do love Firebird under tubing mascara, because the final look makes my lashes look ah-mazing — you get the full, feathery lash from Firebird, and the glossy, black-black, curled, non-smudging finish of the tubing mascara. But for the effort, it’s just not worth it!

Availability: I’m not sure why you’d want to buy Firebird after a review like this one, but hey — be my guest! Mascaras are a very personal thing, so if Firebird works for you, I hate you I’m insanely jealous more power to you.

but it’s so pretty before the curl droops! *bursts into tears*
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