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Spring cleaning? Spring cleaning, you say? Well, I scoff at your “spring” cleaning and one-up you an “ALWAYS CLEANING!”

… let’s ignore the craziness that is Rae for a moment, and talk about what you’re about to read:

As I’m sure you all know by now, on a scale of one to nuts, I’m an eight point five. But every summer, largely because I have a ton of extra time, that gets amped up to a nine. Maybe even a nine point five. I scrub, sand, paint — anything I can get my hands on gets cleaned in some way, shape, or form. 

A few days ago, it was finally time to go through my stash. (Hint: this is one of my favourite things to reorganize!) I upturned everything, moved tons of products, and threw some things into the “purge pile.” And now I have some news to share!

We need a diagram. Click to enlarge.

After step 5, the product needs to go somewhere. So, every few months, products are taken out of that last slot and moved (a) into the traincase, (b) into my personal stash, or (c) into the purge pile.

The Traincase: a place where products that are nice-but-not-essential go. Here, they are stored and occasionally used, but not loved.
The Personal Stash: a place where products go to be loved! And used! And fawned upon!
The Purge Pile: a place where bad products go to be punished.

So: this post is about the products that made it into our personal stash. A difficult feat, trust us!

Here are some of the products that made the cut this time around…

NARS Orgasm — because it’s pretty. And we like pretty things.

TBS fall blusher — because it’s supercrazypretty, in the pan. Review here.
Annabelle Zebra bronzer — the only bronzer in the entire personal stash! Review here.
Hard Candy Honeymoon — gives the best. glow. ever. Review here.
Benefit Stay Don’t Stray — we’re still working through a sample of this… but we LOVE it! 
MAC Blanc Type — the perfect matte hilight for our skintone.
Annabelle Blue Hue trio — takes our breath away. Though, we only ever use that one shade! Review here.
Annabelle Vivid Violet mineral pigment — thinking about pressing this pretty one… Review here.
Marcelle Royalty quad — mainly because we’re so crazy for that violet hue. Review here.

Bobbi Brown Heather Buff — our new favourite. A surprising MLBB colour! Review soon, we promise.
Lancome Rose Tempest — an old favourite that made it back. A not-so-surprising MLBB colour ;)
Annabelle Volumelip glosses in Cherryoke and Sweet Tweet — because they’re ridiculously non-sticky, gorgeous as heck, and blissfully scent-free! Review here.
Rimmel Non-Stop Glamour — the scent does kill us, but it’s so gorgeous we can’t help ourselves. Review here.

So, what have you fallen in love with recently?

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