Keeping us dry: The Body Shop’s DeoDry line!

What it is: The Body Shop DeoDry Dry-Effect deodorants

A bit about the line: The nifty thing about the DeoDry line is that, while being all the lovely things most “natural” deodorants are (paraben-free, aluminum-salt-free, etc,) the Body Shop has also worked in all sorts of nifty “mainstream” antiperspirant traits as well: great scents that last for more than five minutes, the option of roll-ons vs solids, and decreased sweating. Plus, the solids are translucent and waxy (in other words, the DeoDry line doesn’t leave white marks,) and the roll-on containers can be used again with a new liquid cartridge when they’ve run out to reduce waste. It sounds like a dream come true, right?

Liquid — Chilled and Breezy

Well, here’s the good news: it is a dream come true! I’ve been running around with the roll-on for the past little while, and I’ve really been liking it. Though (like any roll-on,) it does take a fair amount of time to dry, it’s just lovely when it is dry — while I don’t notice a huge decrease in sweating, it does keep me from smelling funky. The scent that I’ve been wearing is perfect; just heavy enough that I’ll catch a whiff every now and again, but light enough that it doesn’t interfere with my perfume.

However, I realize I’m not the best judge to review a deodorant for you ladies. Like many other Asian ladies,  I do sweat, but it doesn’t ever really… smell. (At least, my family’s like this. Anyone else?) I’ve gone weeks in the winter without wearing deodorant at all, and there has literally been no difference in smelliness. As for the sweating? Not even “clinical strength” antiperspirants decrease that! (I tried one last summer out of curiosity. Liked the deo, but didn’t really get results.)

So, I had my smelly enemy try one, too.

(If by “smelly enemy” we actually mean “awesome but not smelly friend, who happens to be able to answer questions about deodorant.” I really just wanted to be able to use the phrase “smelly enemy” because it sounds cute.)

(Smelly enemy smelly enemy smellenemy!)

Solid — Cool and Zesty

Becky, the gorgeous gal from posts like this one, took this stick to the sweltering heat of New York in July. And guess what?

She didn’t hate it! Ta-da!

Like the roll-on, the solid sticks come in three scents, prevent smelliness, and don’t leave white marks on your clothing. However, Becky noted one problem: the packaging.  For whatever reason, these lids have a stopper built into them, which means that you have to rollrollroll the stick up when you use it, then rollrollroll it back down to put the cap on.

Solid — Fresh and Floral

So, this category’s really just here because I wanted to share some photos and some thoughts on the scent ;)  I don’t think you’ll need a separate review for it, as the formula’s the same as the other solids! However, seeing as this is the last scent in the line… may as well, right?

Anyhow. It’s cute, it’s pink, and it smells the part! I found this to be very feminine, and give off the strongest scent of the bunch. Nothing too annoying, but it definitely is a touch more scented the other two. Ironically, though, Becky’s reaction was “it smells like my dad.”

I guess scents really are subjective!

The verdict?

Overall, we were really happy with the new DeoDry line, and I was particularly thrilled with the Chilled and Breezy roll-on! (I have a friend who picked up the very same one, and loves it just as much.) The only problem is the lid of the solid deodorants, which I agree is… well, we’ll just say “less than optimal.” However, I didn’t have any such problems with the roll-on — in fact, I really liked the packaging! It’s well-made and lightweight, but it doesn’t feel flimsy.

Try them if…

  • You’ll be buying the roll-on, because I cannot find a single problem with this!
  • You want a liquid that’s pretty low-packaging in the long term (remember: refills.)
  • You want an aluminum-free deodorant, but you still want the benefits of a drugstore anti-perspiriant, like reduced sweat and cute packaging.
  • You’re sick of having to make the compromise of using natural deodorants that smell like crushed, dead leaves. Ick! There are only three DeoDry fragrances (so far,) but they’re pretty well-crafted scents.

Skip them if…

  • The packaging problem of the sticks is going to bother you. But, maybe the stopper actually comes out, and two smart chicas just couldn’t figure it out? *puzzled*
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