The Body Shop expands… on my favourite line!

Remember the good old days, before I had to leave my beloved ‘cones?

(Yah, I don’t either.)

Anyhow, one of my favourite products back then was the Body Shop’s Vitamin C Skin Boost. I couldn’t shut up about the stuff! It’s essentially fresh-smelling, smooth-to-the-touch silicone goodness, all wrapped up in good ethics and community trade. There wasn’t a darn thing I could say about the product that was bad, aside from the price and heavy packaging!

But I’m getting distracted, here. My point is, The Body Shop is revamping, repackaging, and relaunching the entire line! I couldn’t be more excited.

Here’s what’s in the line right now:

Things that stay: Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15, Eye Reviver, and Skin Boost
Things that rinse off: Micro Refiner and  Re-Texturising Peel
Things that treat: Intensive Night Treatment and Time Release Capsules

Once the light, sleek new packaging comes in, the line will feature three categories — and a couple of new products:

Awaken Radiance: Facial Cleansing Polish, Microdermabrasion, Energising Face Spritz
Boost Radiance: Skin Radiance Powder Mix, Eye Reviver Duo, Skin Radiance Capsules, Skin Boost
Protect Radiance: Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

What say you? I’m testing out a few of the products now, so you’ll definitely be hearing more about the line over the next few weeks… plus, I happen to have a few silicone-y products kicking around that I won’t be able to use. It kills me that I’ll have to give my children them away, but you know what that means… ;)

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