Splendicious Lips: a natural gloss that packs a surprise!

What it is: Green Beaver‘s new Splendicious Lips lipgloss, in Amour.

What makes it awesome: As usual with the Green Beaver line, this is a great, super-shiny, non-sticky, non-drying lip product that comes without things like parabens and chemical scents. For my sister and her allergies, it’s holy grail! We’ve only found three glosses so far that she can wear, but one of them (Annabelle’s VolumeLip) is much too hard to squeeze, and one of them (Clinique Superbalm) is much too sheer. (Not to mention, it’s a lot pricier!) This one? Well, with an incredibly easy-to-squeeze tube and a price tag of only $6.99, it’s juuuust right.

Like Green Beaver’s Lip Shimmers, the Splendicious Lips line smells delicious — but I can’t quite place my finger on the bright, juicy scent. I’d say this needs reapplication every two to three hours, but that’s no problem for me! It’s easy to reapply, and is so non-sticky that I don’t mind one bit. 

One thing to note is that the product will separate a bit in the sweltering heat, but a bit of tube-squishing sets the product as it should be.

What makes it epic: I’m not going to beat around the bush any longer. So, here it is: blue-tinged shine. No joke! While the base colour for this gloss is pretty neutral, the finish definitely has a bit of a blue tinge to its shine. It still looks natural (and almost, but doesn’t quiiiiite catch in photographs, darn it!) but it gives this shade just an extra boost. It’s the blueish shine that’s made me unable to stop recommending this shade to everyone! It makes it quite versatile and really helps draw attention to your lips… without making it look like you’re trying to draw attention to your lips.

The verdict? I know it’ll still be a bit hard for you to find for a while (I still haven’t spied these in Edmonton,) but if you do find them — definitely try them! I’d keep them in the back of your mind until you track down a tube, because quite frankly? They’re amazing, especially for being the first ever certified organic lipgloss.

(Be honest: I can’t be the only one who often assumes organic products will falter a bit when it comes to quality!)

 I felt like I owed you guys a full-face shot after such a rave review… even if I wasn’t wearing much else on my face! I mean, that gloss looks plush.

A few added bonuses: these are mint- and petrolatum-free, tinted with fruit pigments, and those organic ingredients? Yep, they’re coming from Canadian farmers. Props for keepin’ it in the family country!

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