Re-review: an ode to Ellis Red

Oh, Ellis Red. How could I have been so very, very wrong about you?

You take a few uses to get used to — there are a couple of tricks to keep in mind. Exfoliate first. Do not apply over lip balm. And above all, do not apply sparingly. (Though, of course, you do make a lovely stain if you’re blotted off after application.) But if those tricks are in fact followed… my god. My god! You’re moisturizing, and you stay where you’re put. You last a good amount of time, and you leave just the most gorgeous stain. Your amazing liquid form soaks right into the lips, blending in just flawlessly.

True blood-red,” you say. And — yes. But somehow… somehow, despite your warmth, you do look gorgeous on my cool-toned skin. How is this possible, Ellis? Why does this work?

But why trust my words? Instead, have trust in images… images with just you, Ellis Red — not a speck of anything else. Images that are worth a thousand words. Images that are proof: proof of your splendor, your versatility, your existence.

The answer is yes, Ellis Red. Yes, you’re worth $35 in a heartbeat. Even if it means not buying any other makeup for the next three months! 

(P.S. Here’s a barefaced image for comparison — what a difference lip colour makes!)

Get more Ellis Faas here and here ;)

n’oubliez pas: images have been gently retouched!
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