MAC + Rodarte: clarification

Warning: bare face, low quality. I’d recommend listening to it while doing something else instead of watching it, so you don’t have to watch the terrible visual! Feel free to read the original post here — I encourage you not just to read the post, but also to review each and every one of the comments!

-A link to Elvira’s post on Pink Sith: here
-More general reading on the crisis: Wiki articles on Ciudad Juárez, femicide in Juárez.
-A brief article by Amnesty International on the situation: here.

Note: one of the points I’ve tried to get across in the video is that I’ve been unhappy with bloggers who are trying to get more attention for their own blogs by ranting about Juárez. So, I’ll be removing this video once the issue calms down a bit, and will be removing the Google Followers box until the video is off the main page. I do not want people subscribing just because they want “in” on the drama or because my views happen to echo theirs — this isn’t necessarily an accurate portrayal of theNotice, it’s just ten minutes of a girl rambling in front of a camera!

This won’t affect your subscriptions, and I promise the box will come back in due time :)

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