Fall preview: The Body Shop Smoke and Fire

Just as promised — a fall 2010 preview from The Body Shop! Don’t lie, I know you ladies are just as jazzed about this collection as I am ;) Remember, the collection launches on July 6th, so mark the date on your calenders! EDIT: seems the collection was pushed back! You should be able to find these gorgeous products in-stores starting August 9th.

Kajal eyeliners

I don’t understand why I keep having high expectations for kajals. It’s just — dumb. Really, really dumb. I try them, I hate them, I find a new one and start the cycle again…

Anyhow. I wasn’t thrilled with these, clearly. Are they gorgeous? Yes. Pigmented? Totally. Well priced? Absolutely! However, even over primer, these melt off my lids like nobody’s business. (And don’t even get me started on the waterline!)

I’d recommend these if…

  • You’ve been wanting to try a kajal, but don’t want to spend a fortune. At $10 a pop, if you do happen to buy one and not abso-freaking-lutely love it, it’s not the end of the world.
  • You’re looking for a creamy, highly pigmented kajal eyeliner that comes not just in black (Charcoal,) but also in silver (Steel) and green (Evergreen.)
  • You want a way to create a super-fast smokey eye. These go on and smoke out like a dream — ten seconds and (ta-da!) instant smoldering.
  • Liners don’t tend to melt off your lids. (Trust me, these kajals aren’t the only ones who have for me.)

But not if…

  • You’re looking for something stay-put and long-wearing.

One last thing? The packaging is quite deceptive: it looks cheap, but somehow, it hasn’t forgotten the important points. The lids “click” into place at the base of the tube and stay there, and the tops (below) feature a coloured Body Shop logo to let you know which liner you’ve picked up. Clever!

Autumn Leaves compact

Okay, so here’s where fall starts looking up.

The Autumn Leaves compacts are not only gorgeous in the pan, but they’re also brilliantly pigmented, soft, and smooth… everything a girl could ask for! I can buff on some of my Berry compact in the morning and be good for the day (none of this “gone by lunchtime” nonsense.) If you plan to wear it through breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an evening concert, you’ll need to buff some more on around dessert — but for a normal day, you’ll be fine. Berry is a great shade, and while I thought initially it would be too warm for my cool-toned skin, it actually works just gorgeously.

The one drawback is the $21 price tag, and I can’t say much to make that seem any less. However, these are quite pigmented, and aren’t exactly scrawny! I don’t have a size for you in terms of grams, but as you can see in the photographs, these are fall from tiny.

I’d recommend these if…

  • You’re looking for a higly pigmented, gorgeous-in-the-pan cheek colour
  • You want something with sleek, secure, well-built packaging
  • You want your cheeks to match your mind — ethical and non-smelly!

But not if…

  • Yah, I’m drawing a blank. I suppose I wouldn’t recommend these if you’re looking for cheap makeup that’ll wear off really quickly? 


I think the Smoke and Fire collection is wonderful! Of course, I’m excited for autumn collections every year — but moreso this year than any other. We’re seeing a focus on (as usual,) a smokey, sexy eye, but also on a strong cheek, something that definitely feeds right into my blush addiction. (Has anyone else seen photos of those new Joues Contrastes? Whew! *fans self*)

If you thought I’d leave you without swatches, though, you’ve officially gone crazy due to the heat of summer!

L-R: Autumn Leaves compact in Berry and the Kajal eyeliners in Steel and Charcoal.
Why is my skin blue-ish? I’m not sure — I’ll ask my camera and get back to you on that one.
Still excited (or more excited) for the Smoke and Fire collection? What’ll you be hauling? Let us know in the comments!
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