Two very old FOTDs: Humidity rising // I’ve got the silver-blues

To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of either of these looks — which is why it’s been over a year since these photos were taken, but I still hadn’t posted them. (Seriously, over a year. I was still using my old camera and not even considering buying a new one.)

I hate to let a good photo (or in this case, a bad photo) go to waste, though, so I’m throwing them out there! I’ll be trying  to clear out some of my epic photo backlog over the next month or so, which means that we’ll be able to put out more current material in the near future. Don’t worry, though — it won’t get in the way of regular posting :) 

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use these images as colour inspiration despite the fact that they’re not my best work! I did both quite late at night, so by the time I took full-face shots the sun was setting. So, both have a bright-but-blurry sun-lit image and a couple with flash. I’ll try to make up for the image quality with angry quips, so buckle your seatbelts.

More of each (including full face shots and product listings) behind the cut!

The green look

On occasion, our usually-boring sky looks ridiculously gorgeous for no apparent reason.
I love it.
Not a great makeup shot, but I loved how my hair looked :P

Used: green:
Stila Oil-Free foundation in shade B
Boots No. 7 Illuminating Concealer in II
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.

MAC Blacktrack
MAC Plum Perfect 
Fyrinnae Polar Bear (gold)
MAC Mauvement (for the finish, probably?)
MAC Humid (green)

The blue look
I remember this looking really different with different angles and lighting, so I tried to capture that in the eye shots!
AHHH where is my shirt?! And why do I look like an alien?!
(Just kidding. You can see a bit of a strap here, but I think I switched it for a sweater for the other photos. Got cold, perhaps?)
(As for the looking like an alien… I’m still not sure.)
Should have left the tank top on. This shirt is low enough to make me uncomfortable.
On a more on-topic note; the inner corner hilight was actually very even. But, as I said, the whole look flashes very differently with different angles etc!
Remember when I didn’t smile for FOTDs? This was back when I usually didn’t.
So while I look a bit like I’m about to cry, cut me some slack! The effort was there! 


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
MAC Blacktrack

Iman Rubor (pink cream blush)
MAC Harmony (contour)
Stila Vanilla (lip glaze)

Senna Blue Note (dirty navy)
Senna Kinetic (silver)
GOSH Pretty Petrol (liner)
Coastal Scents Blue Diamonds (super-shimmery blue)
MAC Naked (fleshtoned shimmer)

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