Two on Thursday: GOSH, that’s gorgeous!

I’ve had these two cult GOSH items forever (yes, old-camera lip-swatches-at-weird-angles forever*) and always meant to review them, but I just never got around to it! Well, now’s as good a time as any.
*by this we mean “for a while, like maybe six months.

GOSH Velvet Touch lipstick 
in 134 Darling

Aside from having the cutest name on the block (GOSH, Darling! That’s just gor-jus!) I’ve a bit to say about Darling. It’s basically the most hyped drugstore nude ever, which sets the bar high… and unfortunately, I don’t find it’s all peaches and cream. 

(different lighting and angles)

First off? The good stuff: starting with the tube! I just love the sleek, matte black tube, and the shiny GOSH label keeps things interesting. The formula touts a light vanilla to cover up a waxy base scent, and the finish has a bit of shine and lustre to it.

one layer
 two layers 

And then, the bad: while the formula feels like it would be hydrating at first, with a nice amount of slip… it’s not. I actually find it to be drying, and (on already dry lips,) the colour has a tendency to catch on dry bits and settle into lines if you’re not careful. As for the “one size fits all” nude shade? Yah, not so much. I think it works pretty well on my skintone, but I can think of plenty of people who Darling wouldn’t look so hot on.

Including some people who love it.

‘sall I’m saying.

image from this FOTD.

The verdict? I do think it’s a nice nude, and it’s not like I’m going to stop using it — but it’s not the be-all-end-all that it’s hyped up to be. Because I don’t wear nudes often, my search is (at least, for now,) ending here. If I did wear them more than once or twice a month, though, I’d keep on looking! The drying formula is a dealbreaker for me, unfortunately.

A darling tip: she plays well with others! I love using this to lighten up other lip colours, or even as a light base when I’m mixing a number of colours to create what I’m looking for.

GOSH Exteme Art Liner 
in 07 Black

Again, a much-hyped product! Unlike it’s Darling counterpart (I promise, I’ll stop with the Darling puns… eventually,) I think this one very much deserves the hype. The shade range is awesome, and these wear like metal!

 wet/dry. Such a lovely, saturated black!

Seriously. METAL. They are so !@)$*@$%* hard to get off completely, even with oil-based waterproof eye makeup remover.

Anyhow, there are the downsides: The thick formula takes aaages to dry, leaving me awkwardly looking down for about five (!!) minutes. Seriously, the drying time is epic. The other problem is the applicator — while I’m fine with the brush tip, I know that a lot of ladies (especially those new to liquid liner) have troubles with controlling it, even though it’s not a wild bear. So, for a beginner, it may not be the best bet! (Also, so not loving the $16 price tag. I picked mine up on a 40% off sale, so I’m not complaining!)

The verdict? I love this like I love chocolate cookies. It’s great for long hours and perfect for events — but I wouldn’t reach for it on a daily basis, seeing as lots of cookies make you fat it’s a huge PITA to get off at night and takes forever to apply. However, if you’re into long-wearing makeup, or you’re even a little into makeup artistry, I think this is well worth having in your kit. They’re even great for things like body art and (so I hear,) nail art!

compared to some other liners. GOSH on the top; Annabelle Black Out liquid liner and Lancôme Noir Artliner below, respectively.
slightly similar comparison post here.

Well, that’s all for today! I know it’s a lot for one post, and I hope we didn’t overwhelm you ;) Questions, comments, and so fourth are always appreciated in the comments!

Ingredients behind the cut.



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