Could you be the next Féria Girl?

L’Oreal officially launches a new campaign to find three ladies to be the next “Féria Girls” next week, so this got the “rush!” rubber stamp. I say we should be rewarded for reading beauty blogs (because it’s so hard,) so you ladies get to hear about it before the rest of the nation! (Those of you who read theNotice regularily know that it takes me forever to get things from my vanity to your screens.) The campaign is open, but it hasn’t really been pushed yet.

The concept is pretty cool — I’ve always been a fan of marketing that gets people involved, as opposed to “here is a shot of our beer. Here is a shot of a half-naked woman dancing. Go buy our beer,” campaigns. They’re looking for “girls whose hair and style define the trends” … in other words, gals with great hair and super-chic style! If this is you, all you have to do is submit a photo on their Facebook page. The winners will get to be made over, take part in a photoshoot, star in the fall Feria print ad, and go home with an Andy Thé-Anh dress.

Now. Don’t say I never tell you things ;)

Bonus hair faux-timeline behind the cut, because… I have hair too. And sometimes, it is in photographs. (This is due to the fact that my scalp is non-removable. Apologies.)

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