A tinted moisturiser that’s 100% Pure perfection

Warning: Please brace yourselves for straight-on photographs of (eek!) my skin without a blur brush. Note that seventeen hours of photo retouching have gone into these photos to remove my beard, plump up my lips and cheeks, push forward my receding hairline, and shave down my jawline.

(But on a more serious note — the lesson here is “click images to enlarge if you care to see my skin at an uncomfortably close distance!”)

What it is: 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer, SPF 20

Why it’s awesome: Oh my god I could go on forever about this. For starters, it’s silicone-free, pretty much scent-free, and chemical-sunscreen-free. Then they have to go and make it even more epic by giving it amazing, beautiful, easy-to-use packaging. Seriously, it’s gorgeous! I’m definitely guilty of leaving it out on my vanity, just to look at it. (A sidenote on the packaging: it’s not just pretty, but it works well too. I never pump out too much product, and the packaging is made so that you can’t contaminate the product inside.) 

A bit more about it: As promised, this tinted moisturizer gives easy sheer-to-medium coverage. I’d compare it to one layer of MUFE Face and Body foundation — the finish looks completely natural (you can’t even tell it’s there in macro shots, which is eeeempressive!) and it covers up mild discolouration to give that porcelain-smooth finish, leaving things like freckles (or acne scars, boo) visible. It doesn’t feel any different from moisturizer, even though the day. 

Don’t give me that look; I know you know some foundations end up feeling heavy, sticky, and all-around gross. It’s a sad truth, but it’s the truth all the same.

Bare skin. (Wearing eye makeup and a touch of lipstick, obviously!)

The downside: Unfortunately, this amazing amazingness (I know, we have quite a way with words) will cost you a pretty penny. She’s $32US for just 1.8oz, which is comparable to most of the tinted moisturizers in Sephora — but way more expensive than most mid-range or drugstore products! My advice is actually to get on the 100% Pure mailing list* and wait for a special if you can’t stomach the price — it’s in their Fruit Pigments kit right now, but I’ve seen it in one or two other limited-edition sets over the past month!
         *As long as I don’t forget, I’ll let you know the next time (or the next few times) it’s in a set!

 One layer of tinted moisturizer. 
(You know what’s crazy? I’m not even wearing top liner. And I swear to god I haven’t put on fifty pounds that went straight to my arms. What the hell is going on with these photographs?)

 With powder and blush. Silica makes a huge difference,if you ask me! Aside from translucent silica powder and the 100% Pure TM, I’m not wearing other base products (ie concealer.)


Just an FYI: From the shade chart (below,) I thought I’d be a match for White Peach — and was a little worried even that would be too dark. But nope! This is Crème, and it’s still a hair too dark. (I know I’ll match it in no time, though. Sometimes accidental tanning happens, dispite our best efforts to prevent it.) And another sidenote — I love their choices of models for this chart! They’re all absolutely stunning, but none of them are “Hollywood blonde” with shaved-down jawlines or fat-filled lips.

The verdict? Here’s the thing. I’ll hate myself for buying a second tube at $32, but I know I will anyways. (Unless I get distracted and fall in love with something else in the meantime… I can be pretty flighty. The other TM would have to be made out of freakin’ rainbows to distract me from this one, though.) I mean, the ingredients list is perfection, the packaging is gorgeous, the product works well, and do you have any idea how hard it is to find solid ‘cone-free base prdocuts?! Yah.

Aside from the cost, I can’t find a single bad thing to say about this product. (Psst, 100% Pure? We’d love it if you could knock a few dollars off the price! Under $30 sounds good.) Which is crazy, because I’m one of the bitchiest, hardest-to-please people I know. Not in a mean way (I hope,) but if I’m not happy with a product, I often end up ranting like a madwoman.

At the dinner table.

Which is awkward.

Anyhow. Simply put? I love this!

Availability: 100% Pure, BeautyIntuition, or perhaps even a local shop! (Try the organic stores and beauty boutiques.)

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