Why no, I *can’t* believe it’s already May!

We went over some of this year’s makeup-related posts yesterday, but as you all know… we’re not exactly 100% makeup, 100% of the time. I tend to use the term “beauty blog” loosely — skin is beautiful, as are fragrances, and photographs! (Plus, I have the attention span of a five year old with ADD, so branching out to whatever grabbed my interest was only natural.)

Onto the links:

Gingerbread Crêpes
They’re still delish, and I’m still making them! Highly, highly recommended.

‘cone free moisturisers with SPF
I still haven’t found one to love, but this list might be helpful if you’re on the lookout for a moisturizer without silicones too! You have to promise us one thing, though: if you do find one, let us know all about it!

Balenciaga Paris
Of course, it would be wrong to post a link list and not give a nod to this love letter to fragrance! The lucky lady in question is none other than Balanciaga’s new perfume, which is sweeping accross the nation and taking hearts. (No, seriously. My bottle woke me up in the middle of the night, cut me ope– I need to stop saying things.)

Fragrances: the quick ‘n dirty beginners’ guide
Of course, by that point in the year, I had fallen desperately in love with fragrance. Doing an introduction to it, therefore, was the logical step forward.

Lash Boosting
Is this considered makeup? Because it’s with the mascaras if you buy it in-store, and I suppose it’s technically also a primer. But all the same — it’s in this list already, and here it’ll stay! I jumped at the chance to check out L’Oreal’s newest innovation, and (hint, hint) totally fell in love with it over a five-week blogging bonanza.
If by “blogging bonanza” we simply mean that I wrote up short weekly updates, with photos.

That’s all for now! How have your weekends been going, girls? I’m writing this Saturday morning and scheduling it to go up Sunday morning, so I can’t actually tell you how mine’s been… what I can tell you, though, is that I had every inention of studying for finals and picking up some Revlon lipsticks.

Finals start on Tuesday, and Revlon SLs are on for $4 at Rexall this weekend. Whether or not I actually followed through on either of those goals? Still TBA.

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