Very violet, if you get my vibe?

Friday, May 7, 2010

What it is: Annabelle‘s Violet Vibe mineral pigment dust

On… the colour: Violet Vibe is gorgeous; a safe-but-stunning shimmery violet with a lovely finish. “Incredible luminescence” indeed! However, I feel that (especially for a pigment,) it could stand to be a little more… pigmented. If it was a shadow, I’d be fine with it, but I expect a little more punch from something with “pigment”  in its very name!

On… the wear: Violet Vibe can be sheered out quite a bit, but with just a spritz of water, it’ll intensify right up! (Thank goodness for foiling, right?) Along my bottom lashes, she holds true all day long, but I do experince some fading throughout the day if I wear Violet Vibe on my lids, even with primer.

On… the packaging: Eeh. I love the packaging of the rest of the minerals line (more on that later,) but I’m not feeling this one. The lid is hard to pop up and snap shut, and it’s a hassle to use! I’d take the packaging for the Studio Pigments over this packaging any day. They feature the same hole-in-lid dispensing methods, but it’s much easier to use the Studio lid, and the packaging feels more solid and secure, at least to me.

On… the ingredients: (from the Annabelle site)


The verdict? I thought this product was lovely, but I’m not raving about it. I was expecting something different — in my mind, a “mineral pigment dust” should be pretty, finely-milled, and packed full of pigment. What I found out was that this is certainly pretty and finely-milled, but it’s not as pigmented as some “pigments.”

If this has been called a “mineral shadow dust” instead, I think I would have been happier. But, that’s just me being fickle! Overall, at $8.50/2.5g, I’d recommend these, especially if you’re allergic to parabens or simply looking to use more minerals in your makeup routine. Ironically, the main reason I’m hesitant to say this isn’t just the name. It’s because I know exactly how good drugstore products can get — Annabelle’s worked itself into this hole! If their shadows hadn’t already stunned my socks off, I’d still be wearing socks, and this “mineral pigment dust” could have done the stunning. Of the socks. Off my feet. (Which are now a little chilly.)

Oh, terminology!

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