TMI Time: Douches

You know what I miss? When theNotice was a little more personal — every Friday used to be “YOU Fridays,” and I’d get a chance to ask you guys about stuff, and talk about things, and just generally dick around for a day form important personal relationships instead of staying even vaguely on-topic writing on the subject of beauty.

But I digress! In an effort to bring back the superpersonal (“super” because — let’s be frank — I’m already making large efforts to keep theNotice inappropriately personal-blog-like for a beauty blog,) I’m going to try to bring back more YOU and TMI Time features. Good stuff, right?

Today isn’t about douches in the sense of the word where it actually refers to an object. Rather, we’re talking about the more common modern definition — and yes, you all know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a TMI Time topic that (surprise!) isn’t related to inappropriate body parts! Click your way behind the cut to see what it is.

(Caution, an overuse of brackets and quotation marks lies ahead.)

The prompt is simple: 

Even if you know it’s awful, are you attracted to guys (or girls) that are complete douches?

The reason behind this is a little more complicated actually, also pretty simple: one of my friends has a thing for a guy who I happen to think is a total jerk. (I feel okay saying this to the general public because (a) I’m not naming names, (b) this applies to way too many people, and (c) she knows I think he’s a dick. To be totally honest, (d) she thinks he is as well.)

I’m not going to get all pious on your asses and tell you you’re living your lives wrong, but I’m absolutely certain that the answers coming in will almost all be “yes”. Heck, my answer would be a “yes” as well! It’s exemplified by the fact that I’m aware I usually have shitty tastes in guys, which just makes the whole situation kinda shitty, and thus, I’m making an honest effort to change it — but my “type” has the sole stipulation of “isn’t boring,” and unfortunately, all most of the guys who aren’t boring are only interesting because they’re emotionally unavailable jerks. 

And if they’re not, they’re usually taken.

Or gay.

Or both.

(You know what I hate? The fact that so many gorgeous, hilarious, non-assholes are into other guys. I mean, that’s just not fair!)

(Then again, it makes sense that if they’re attractive on a level of 11 out of 10,  they’d want to date other elevens, and seeing as we’ve just concluded that most elevens are other gay males — or celebrities [again, the “or both” clause applies,] — they don’t have a heck of a lot of choice.)

I’m kind of taking away the effect of this super-serious and totally-focused post, so I’m going to shush now and let you answer. As usual, I’ll promt you with this: Discuss! Today, though, I really do mean discuss. I’ll moderate things as quickly as possible, even if that means I can’t reply to them at the same time. Why? The reason is simple — because I’m not the only one here! By “discuss,” I don’t just mean “tell me.” I mean “talk to each other,” too. You are all lovely, and as long as you don’t turn my comments thread into a gross, dirty fighting pit that is infested with bugs*, it’s all good. Have fun, with or without me!

*The clean kind is okay. However, all clothes must stay on, and if you bleed, CLEAN IT UP. With bleach, preferably. Thank you.

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