The compensation swatch: Annabelle Pinked

Felt guilty for leaving you guys with such a half-assed FOTD ;)

Pinked is a shade from Annabelle’s Painted Love quad, so it’ll be out for the spring and summer, then disappear shortly thereafter. I do think it’s a lovely shade, and the gold shimmer is mesmerizing (if a bit chunky for my liking.) Without a primer or being foiled, it’s unremarkable, but foiled? Major pink impact! It’s like a burnt fuchsia, more orange-pink than a true red. While I do think it could be quite hard to wear, it gets mad props from me for being so interesting, pigmented, and vivid!

Flash/indirect sunlight. Swatches on left are dry; swatches on right have been foiled.
No primer.

What say you?

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