A couple awful promotional images

via the Caudalie sale on (Warning: this sale was a couple weeks ago; I set this post to go up and it… didn’t. Way to get the year right on the scheduled date, Rae. Anyhow, it’s going up now instead!)

For starters, this woman looks like she’s enjoying her “massage” a little too much:

(Seriously. If you disagree, just stare at the photo for a couple seconds longer and I’m sure you’ll suddenly find yourself (a) feeling awkward, and (b) in support of this argument.)

And, to top that off, there is the following image, to which my first reaction was AHH BUGS GET THEM OFF GET THEM OFF GET THEM OFFFFFFF!!!! 

(Unfortunately, this is not the first time Glit has posted photos that have fit into our “things that scare me” category. Proof!)

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