Vow of Silence

I’m going silent for twenty-four hours starting now (15:00 GMT -07:00) today. Just thought I’d let you know! Seeing as normal (verbal) silence gets in the way of… well, kind of the entire learning process, I decided to go keyboard-silent instead.

What does this mean? I’ll still moderate comments and such, but I won’t be replying to anything! As well, anything that needs a password or url typed in, etc — that’ll just have to wait until 3’oclock on Friday. (Things that need to be clicked are fair game, though! And, of course, I’ll make exceptions if something needs to be done for one of my classes.) I recognize that for some people, this doesn’t sound to bad, but it’s me. Gmail is basically just another organ that genetics simply forgot to put inside my body.

Here’s last year’s Vow of Silence promo — I couldn’t find one for 2010!

Talk to you tomorrow afternoon, lovelies ♥

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