TMI Time: Boobies!

I’m sorry about the title, I couldn’t help myself! There is a twelve-year-old boy in all of us. (Yes, even us girls.) We haven’t done TMI Time or YOU Fridays in ages, and while this isn’t a total revival of either, I missed doing it!

Call them what you want — boobs are boobs. (Or knockers, hooters, breasts, and if I am not mistaken, “lady lumps.” Now excuse me while I leave to pretend I didn’t type that.)

Here’s a little copy/paste questionnaire for the comments!

1. Actual size…and desired size:
3. Love them? Hate them?
4. Is one of them larger:

Here are my answers!

1. Actual size… and desired size: 34A/34B. I’m proportional, but a little more “oomph” would be nice! I’m not so desperate as to get implants, though ;)
3. Love them? Hate them? Love them. Sometimes.
Reason: They’re fine, but let’s be honest: there are times where you just wish that women did! not! have! breasts! For instance, when you’re going for a run, or attempting to lie face-down on a hard floor. (I’m not sure when you would ever be doing the latter. “Get down! My pressurized spray foundation is about to explode!”)
4. Is one of them larger: Yep. I freaked the hell out at first, but apparently this is totally normal! It’s the left one that’s a tiny bit larger — did you know that your left side of your body actually tends to be bigger? They don’t really know why, but they’re guessing it has to do with your heart and chambers and yadda yadda yadda.

That’s all for today :) Feel free to add any other questions or complaints (or raves, I guess, but don’t blame me for any awkwardness that ensues) about yours in the comments, as well as your survey answers!!

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