Love this boy.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Remember this post, from ages ago? Well, the amazing talent behind those gorgeous cheekbones just started up a youtube channel.

While I don’t usually support yt, because (let’s face it,) 95% of what’s on there is a) the same, or b) not all that great, I am definitely going to be checking his channel for updates! Here’s to hoping he puts up some more incredible makeup, oui?

(Alternately, check out his portfolio here.)

(Okay, so this is going to be completely out there, but: having this many links in a post makes me feel uncomfortable. There! I said it! I just… hate hate hate putting this many links into one post, and not including images. But, then again, lots of irrational things make me uncomfortable! Like sand. And using public washrooms. And TOES.)

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