Lash Boosting: Week Four (+ a giveaway!)

Well, guess what, ladies? I made it to week four! With ADD like mine (which I don’t actually have, but I may as well, at the rate I’m going,) I was a little worried it wouldn’t happen… but, nope, after working this gal into my routine, it wasn’t hard to remember to apply twice a day and keep it up.

My final verdict? This is no Latiesse — it won’t “double your lashes” or any of that jazz. But y’know what? I really don’t care. At about $10 (compared to $100) and without such terrifying side effects, I expected noticeable (but not drastic) changes. And I got them, so I couldn’t be happier!  

As I’ve mentioned before, lash serums like L’Oreal‘s are made simply to let what you already have grow to its full potential, rather than stimulate new growth. I’ve noticed that my lashes feel healthy, and I’m fairly certain that less of them are falling out, which means they’re a touch more noticeable. What really closes the deal for me, though, is how this layers under mascara — it looks great; well worth the extra step in my routine!

One last exciting thing before we cut to photos and details:

It’s giveaway time!!!

I know, I know, I don’t do nearly enough of these — they’re just such a hassle to organize, and Canadian shipping fees can be… a little overwhelming. (We do have a few more giveaways set to go out soon, though!) I was sent more than one Lash Boosting serum, and I’d love to give one of you lovely ladies a chance to check it out as well!
To enter, you must be a follower. Just leave a comment letting me know that you’re following (or that you’re a new follower,) and tell me something — anything! For instance: “I’ve been following you for ages. And my socks today are purple!” Re-blogging or tweeting a link to this giveaway can earn you an extra entry (or two, if you do both,) but please, don’t hotlink these images! If you really do need an image for your post, save it to your computer first and re-upload. Thank you!
Anyone can enter, just know that I’ll ship surface mail (no tracking number,) so it may take a while to get to anyone overseas :) This giveaway closes Friday, April 9th.

Anyhow, my results follow. All photos on the left are from four weeks ago, and all photos on the right are from yesterday afternoon! I really wish they could be nearly identical, but let’s face it — I am just not that awesome. It is quite hard to replicate an image of yourself entirely! 
CAUTION: Subjects in photographs are naked.
(My lashes are nekkid. Get your mind out of the gutter!)
Click images to enlarge.

I’m five levels of happy, and will definitely continue using this! If you’re still undecided, though, or even if you’re just curious, feel free to read more about my experiences with L’Oreal’s Lash Boosting serum…

Week Zero — my lashes as they were
Week One — a review of the serum as a primer, and photos of the serum on my lashes
Week Two — photos of the serum as a primer layered underneath mascara (Fiberwig and Supernova)
(Week Three didn’t exist, because there wasn’t much to say then!)

Stay gorgeous, and have a great week ;)

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