Can Green Beaver’s Winter Lip Balm really solve my winter lip woes?

What it is: Green Beaver‘s Winter Lip Balm

The basics: Emollient, scent-free (rejoice!), and translucent. (Well, it’s white, but it smooths out to be translucent.) On the lips, it simply looks like a good balm — plush and very natural. None of this super-shiny or super-matte business! Despite the fact that this is a squeeze-tube, the product itself feels like a cross between Vaseline and regular stick balm; not too slippery nor too heavy.

Beyond the basics: The Winter Lip Balm is good for those avoiding or allergic to… well, everything! (That’s a lie. My sister would totally be allergic to the almond, rosemary, and vanilla in this.) But for normalish people — it’s free of the two most common lip irritants (lanolin and cinnamon,) as well as petroleum and parabens. What it does have, however, is…

Plant oils (castor, sunflower, shea butter, olive, sweet almond, rosemary), beeswax, vitamin E, vanilla extract).               (Yes, that’s really all there is to it!)

The moisture factor: I always like to compare my lip balms, so compare we will! This is…

 a lot more moisturising than… normal lip balms, including my beloved Avon or my super-fun eos, 
slightly more moisturising than… Vaseline, but without the awkward container, and the Green Beaver sinks into my lips much more easily. And, finally,
less moisturising thanBobbi Brown‘s lip balm, which a) smells worse, b) costs a lot more, and c) is quite sticky. (But if you truly are desparate for some lip rescue, find yourself some Bobbi!)

The verdict? Yes, this can cure your winter lip woes! (Not mine, though. My lips are destined to be eternally slightly chapped.) This can be hard to find, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has allergies, dry lips, or wants a scent-free lip balm that actually works. The packaging is great, making it easy to apply product no matter the season, it does what it should, and the price ($4) is fab!

“Would purchase in the future?” Definitely.

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