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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All images via his site, obviously.

Dear Urban Decay,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I’d rather not.

$29 for a funny-but-lame name and cheap-looking packaging. This product better be killer, or you will have a lot of angry fans at your doorstep!

Stay Pure with this kajal liner

What it is: PURE‘s Kajal liner, in Seductive Grey.

The basics: What really interested me in this liner was the fact that it’s a more “traditional” cream kajal liner. Basically, it’s a nifty twist-up cone of liner goodness. I ended up with Seductive Grey, and the swatch had me at first sight — steely and cool-toned, with very finely-milled stunning blue flecks. Seductive, indeed! I was a little put off by the packaging, though; it’s bulky and reminds me of the NARS material. Which I hate. Sure, it looks nice coming out of the box, but such a gummy black picks up dust and does! not! let! go! of it.

The application: Once I started using this, it definitely began losing points in my good books. While it wasn’t too hard to apply, it’s nearly impossible to get a thin, rich line of colour. Or even a thick, rich line of colour! You’d have to apply this with a separate brush, use it on your waterline, or stick to using it for a smudgey look.

 The wear: Argh! I was already put off by the application and colour payoff, but the wear of this liner really just shut the doors for me. I know a lot of ladies who actually quite like this, but I just can’t — no matter what, it creases and fades from my lids within the hour! (Even without a base, shadows tend to last at least three hours on me.) I’ve tried everything from bases to concealer with powder, to concealer under a base, to concealer over a base, to powder over a base… but I just can’t make it work. As for my waterline? Hah! That’s a laugh — if I can manage to get a non-splotchy line out of it, it’s all clumped up in my lashline in even less time.

The verdict? Pass, pass, pass. The idea is really nifty, and the shade is great, but this one just does not work for me! It can look really cool… for about fifteen minutes, if you put a lot of work into your application. I’m going to keep trying to make this one work, but I doubt it’ll happen! Maybe I’ll use it for blog-eotds-only — aka the ones that go on, get photographed, and are washed off in under an hour.

It’s just so cute that I don’t want to give up, even though I know I should :(

FOTD: So you had a bad day

Monday, March 29, 2010

It’s strange to think that lighting could be too good, but in a way, this was — it was glaringly bright, and the sun was right in my face! So, sorry for the quality of some of these images. The sun was quite lovely for napping in, though. Five levels of comfortable heaven :)

All you need to know about this look is that I got in a fight with someone in my friend group… over my blog. Which really gave me two options: mope about it, or play with falsies.

Well, I’ve never really been one to mope.

More photos + products used behind the cut!

I love these falsies!!

Direct sunlight
Click any to enlarge… I couldn’t settle on just one shot; the first was taken from too low down, the second from too far to the side, and the third is slightly off-focus. Talk about frustrating!


Revlon “Defining” false lashes, trimmed down by hand
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner, Zero
Fresh Supernova mascara
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk
Senna eye shadows, Twilight and Spinx

Lancome Blush Subtil, Rose Fresque
GOSH Velvet Touch lipstick, Darling
MAC Powder Blush, Harmony
Bobbi Brown face powder, pale yellow

Lash Boosting: Week Four (+ a giveaway!)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Well, guess what, ladies? I made it to week four! With ADD like mine (which I don’t actually have, but I may as well, at the rate I’m going,) I was a little worried it wouldn’t happen… but, nope, after working this gal into my routine, it wasn’t hard to remember to apply twice a day and keep it up.

My final verdict? This is no Latiesse — it won’t “double your lashes” or any of that jazz. But y’know what? I really don’t care. At about $10 (compared to $100) and without such terrifying side effects, I expected noticeable (but not drastic) changes. And I got them, so I couldn’t be happier!  

As I’ve mentioned before, lash serums like L’Oreal‘s are made simply to let what you already have grow to its full potential, rather than stimulate new growth. I’ve noticed that my lashes feel healthy, and I’m fairly certain that less of them are falling out, which means they’re a touch more noticeable. What really closes the deal for me, though, is how this layers under mascara — it looks great; well worth the extra step in my routine!

One last exciting thing before we cut to photos and details:

It’s giveaway time!!!

I know, I know, I don’t do nearly enough of these — they’re just such a hassle to organize, and Canadian shipping fees can be… a little overwhelming. (We do have a few more giveaways set to go out soon, though!) I was sent more than one Lash Boosting serum, and I’d love to give one of you lovely ladies a chance to check it out as well!
To enter, you must be a follower. Just leave a comment letting me know that you’re following (or that you’re a new follower,) and tell me something — anything! For instance: “I’ve been following you for ages. And my socks today are purple!” Re-blogging or tweeting a link to this giveaway can earn you an extra entry (or two, if you do both,) but please, don’t hotlink these images! If you really do need an image for your post, save it to your computer first and re-upload. Thank you!
Anyone can enter, just know that I’ll ship surface mail (no tracking number,) so it may take a while to get to anyone overseas :) This giveaway closes Friday, April 9th.

Anyhow, my results follow. All photos on the left are from four weeks ago, and all photos on the right are from yesterday afternoon! I really wish they could be nearly identical, but let’s face it — I am just not that awesome. It is quite hard to replicate an image of yourself entirely! 
CAUTION: Subjects in photographs are naked.
(My lashes are nekkid. Get your mind out of the gutter!)
Click images to enlarge.

I’m five levels of happy, and will definitely continue using this! If you’re still undecided, though, or even if you’re just curious, feel free to read more about my experiences with L’Oreal’s Lash Boosting serum…

Week Zero — my lashes as they were
Week One — a review of the serum as a primer, and photos of the serum on my lashes
Week Two — photos of the serum as a primer layered underneath mascara (Fiberwig and Supernova)
(Week Three didn’t exist, because there wasn’t much to say then!)

Stay gorgeous, and have a great week ;)

Silicone-free moisturisers with SPF, part two

View part one here :)

As mentioned before, I would love to hear feedback on these — I haven’t tried any; I’m looking for one myself! Any rants or raves? Anything to add to this list?

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