The LOL (Liberty of London) scarf

Okay, how ironic is it that the “Give Me Liberty of London” collection can be summed up simply as “LOL”?

Case in point to prove the irony: the $95USD/$115CAD scarf. It’s not even that cute!

I’m super-duper a little bit convinced that they’re just doing this to test the consumer — “how far can we go before someone notices?” First it was the (unfortunate looking) Viva Glam bags at $30, then the MSFs getting their price raise to $33.50, and now this.
This is hideous

(Yah, I’m heavy on the judgment today. But you can’t blame me; I have a stomachache and my throat’s feeling icky! Goodness, I hope I’m not sick again. I guess the scarf’s not that bad; it’s just not something I’d throw myself at.)

(Like, ever.)

(As in, not even if it was $10.)

(Sorry MAC.)

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