The filled palette, as promised!

Most of my shadows are Senna depots or pressed pigments — in other words, metal pans that need a magnet to stick to. MAC pans come with no magnets, but rather have a thin sheet of metal for the magnetized pro pans to stick to. I ended up taking strips of magnet about 1″ wide and sliding them into the palette; three of them, one strip per row. (My divider wouldn’t “snap up” and allow me to put a full magnetic sheet in.)

Now, finally, the palette!

From left to right; Senna unless otherwise marked. “Mine” indicating a shadow I mixed and pressed myself from pigments or micas. (More on those another day)
Top row: Fantasy, mine, Bronze Age, Smoulder, Intrigue
Middle row: Mine, mine, mine, Glo Green, MAC Humid
Bottom row: Snow, Fusion, Taupe Glow, Twilight, Sphinx

And an artsy shot because I have a new camera and no life:

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