Splurge — the neutral shadows

Ha! We haven’t done “Splurge” for such a long time on theNotice that I bet you forgot all about it! (Don’t lie. You totally did.)

Anyhow; today we’re discussing neutrals, becase I definitely do think they’re worth splurging on. Now, we’re not talking crazy splurges, but $10-20 on a few good staple shades. Namely, two or three.

The hilight
This should be your lightest colour, and it’ll be different for each person — if you’re super pale, then reach for an almost-white shade, and if you’re a little darker, an ivory. The more contrast between your hilight and your skin, the more it will “pop,” so if you’re a fan of inconspicuous makeup, go for something close to your skintone and fairly matte! 

For use on: the browbone, the inner V, or as a bright wash on a super-lazy (or super-late!) day.
Matte or shimmer: either. A matte will allow for greater versitality, but I personally prefer a finely-milled shimmer with a satiny finish for my go-to.
My favourites: Lancome Crème Lustré (my all-time fave!) and Moonstruck, Estee Lauder Tea Biscuit.

The mid-tone
This one’s more optional than the other two; with good blending you can certainly just get away with using two. However, if you want to take the extra step, getting a mid-tone to pop right in the middle of your lid creates gorgeous depth! I personally love gold-bronze shades for my midtoned shadows.

For use on: the middle of your lid, or as a darker all-over wash.
Matte or shimmer: shimmer, as it’ll make the mid-area jump out, adding depth to your eyes. Not crazy glitter city shimmer, of course, but more of a finely-milled, pearly shimmer.
My favourites: Fyrinnae Polar Bear, Lancome Platinum, Senna Taupe Glow.

The contour
This will be your darkest shade, and will go closest to your lashline (horizontal blending) or in  your outer v (vertical blending.) Used wet, a good contour colour will double as a liner! Don’t go with black — instead, go for a darker brown or taupe.

For use on: the outer v (vertical blending,) closest to your lashline (horiziontal blending,) or even as a soft liner used with a fine brush and/or used wet!
Matte or shimmer: here’s another where I usually go with shimmer, but would recommend matte. Why? Simple: it’s easier to look like a mess if you’re going with shimmer! And if you do want shimmer but you have a matte, you can always pull some of the shimmer from your medium shade over.
My favourites: Senna Twilight or Sphinx.

That’s it — two or three shadows that are worth splurging on if you’re only going to have a couple in your kit! I know, I know, three shadows can ring up a bill anywhere from $30 to $90, but if you’re looking for reliable shades to use up completely, they’re worth every penny.

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