No, Rae.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It would be wrong to throw yourself at Angie Hranowsky and force her to take you in as a) a long lost child, b) an apprentice, or c) a worshipper.

(Are you sure? Are you totally sure? Because after checking out the latitude lane section of her interior portfolio, I think I need to become c) a worshipper.)

So I had a dream about a kitchen.

Small. Perhaps twelve by eight feet in total. Dark chestnut cupboards and drawers on the entire perimeter; glass fronts to the upper cupboards. Almost like a fabrigée in its shape, but with sides rather than curves; in the center was a fixed island, its wood the same. Rich burgundy walls peeking between the counter tops and the upper cupboards and around the far side window, above a stainless steel sink sunken into the granite counter top — a moody sheet of blackened slate. Burnished bronze wrought-iron hardware.

A tall room; twelve or thirteen feet. The cupboards ending around nine feet; above them shelves running around the entire room. Accessible by a rolling attatched ladder, the kind you would see in an old ceiling-to-floor library. Space at the top for pots, pans, china — and then the windows. Geometric, pentagons or hexagons outlined in the same dark wood and doming. Like the top of a diamond ring; faceted yet flat at the top. Clean light streaming through to make the kitchen’s comfortable warmth safe instead of claustrophobic. 

Medium brown planked floors, each plank three or four inches, running the width of the room. Warmth radiating upward through its almost matte finish. The smell of the air like a welcome assault; soft. Vanilla. Amber. Leather. Gas from the stovetop and cedar from the fireplace in the next room over. 

And the quiet, like it is waiting for me.

Splurge — the neutral shadows

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ha! We haven’t done “Splurge” for such a long time on theNotice that I bet you forgot all about it! (Don’t lie. You totally did.)

Anyhow; today we’re discussing neutrals, becase I definitely do think they’re worth splurging on. Now, we’re not talking crazy splurges, but $10-20 on a few good staple shades. Namely, two or three.

The hilight
This should be your lightest colour, and it’ll be different for each person — if you’re super pale, then reach for an almost-white shade, and if you’re a little darker, an ivory. The more contrast between your hilight and your skin, the more it will “pop,” so if you’re a fan of inconspicuous makeup, go for something close to your skintone and fairly matte! 

For use on: the browbone, the inner V, or as a bright wash on a super-lazy (or super-late!) day.
Matte or shimmer: either. A matte will allow for greater versitality, but I personally prefer a finely-milled shimmer with a satiny finish for my go-to.
My favourites: Lancome Crème Lustré (my all-time fave!) and Moonstruck, Estee Lauder Tea Biscuit.

The mid-tone
This one’s more optional than the other two; with good blending you can certainly just get away with using two. However, if you want to take the extra step, getting a mid-tone to pop right in the middle of your lid creates gorgeous depth! I personally love gold-bronze shades for my midtoned shadows.

For use on: the middle of your lid, or as a darker all-over wash.
Matte or shimmer: shimmer, as it’ll make the mid-area jump out, adding depth to your eyes. Not crazy glitter city shimmer, of course, but more of a finely-milled, pearly shimmer.
My favourites: Fyrinnae Polar Bear, Lancome Platinum, Senna Taupe Glow.

The contour
This will be your darkest shade, and will go closest to your lashline (horizontal blending) or in  your outer v (vertical blending.) Used wet, a good contour colour will double as a liner! Don’t go with black — instead, go for a darker brown or taupe.

For use on: the outer v (vertical blending,) closest to your lashline (horiziontal blending,) or even as a soft liner used with a fine brush and/or used wet!
Matte or shimmer: here’s another where I usually go with shimmer, but would recommend matte. Why? Simple: it’s easier to look like a mess if you’re going with shimmer! And if you do want shimmer but you have a matte, you can always pull some of the shimmer from your medium shade over.
My favourites: Senna Twilight or Sphinx.

That’s it — two or three shadows that are worth splurging on if you’re only going to have a couple in your kit! I know, I know, three shadows can ring up a bill anywhere from $30 to $90, but if you’re looking for reliable shades to use up completely, they’re worth every penny.

In need of a new duvet cover.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Any ideas? Even just for your favourite bedding sites — I’m bored with my solid navy (though I do love their incredible softeness) and would like a change, preferably something less dark and boring. If you do specify a specific item, please keep in mind that it needs to come in a twin and go with the rest of my room, namely my drapes!

Things that  I like, but aren’t quite perfect:

The LOL (Liberty of London) scarf

Okay, how ironic is it that the “Give Me Liberty of London” collection can be summed up simply as “LOL”?

Case in point to prove the irony: the $95USD/$115CAD scarf. It’s not even that cute!

I’m super-duper a little bit convinced that they’re just doing this to test the consumer — “how far can we go before someone notices?” First it was the (unfortunate looking) Viva Glam bags at $30, then the MSFs getting their price raise to $33.50, and now this.
This is hideous

(Yah, I’m heavy on the judgment today. But you can’t blame me; I have a stomachache and my throat’s feeling icky! Goodness, I hope I’m not sick again. I guess the scarf’s not that bad; it’s just not something I’d throw myself at.)

(Like, ever.)

(As in, not even if it was $10.)

(Sorry MAC.)

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