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You know, for the past month or three, I’ve been posting every. single. day. And, quite often, two or three times a day. Just thought I’d mention that, because it surprised the heck outta me! :P As usual, click on the photos to get to their respective product pages.

Violet + pink + ombré + blush? Duh, it’s Rae… = lemming!!!

I’ve been dying to check out Lipstick Queen, and this set would be a great way to start, non?

 Is it just me, or does this palette seem very un-Laura-Mercier-ish? And for that matter, very un-“Zen”-ish?

Oh, and lastly — I’m so intrigued by this Balenciaga fragrance! A floral violet with peppery notes and decent silage? Mmm, sounds amazing.

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