B-Ray, the new navy.

What it is: the shadow I just can’t shut up aboutAnnabelle‘s B-Ray.

The quick gist of it: B-Ray is in the process of being discontinued, so get to Shopper’s STAT and pick up a pan of it, Canucks! It’s insanely pigmented, buttery, easy to blend… everything you’d want in a shadow. Check out the swatches below; the left is a dry swatch (gorgeous, right?) and the right is a wet swatch (the perfect inky blue liner-shade.) The pigmentation’s accurate, but they’re a little more blue in real life!

The verdict? I’m already thinking of buying a backup, and I just got this today! I’ve never fallen so hard for a shadow before, and I’m including the Alice palette that I had the opportunity to photograph. We’re serious about this, guys — never will you find another navy this gorgeous!

Note: like all the other highly pigmented mattes that I’ve tried, this DOES stain quite a bit. I’m guessing it has to do with the fact that normal (shimmery) shadows can use micas and so fourth, whereas mattes rely on dyes, which leave behind a bit of a mark.

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