The Grammys happened… and so did these looks!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Carrie Underwood is looking amaaazing! I absolutely LOVE the dress, the hair, and the makeup… oh, the rare celeb hat trick! I honestly don’t have a single complaint, and for a crabbypants like myself, that says a ton.

Seriously. AMAZING!
Of course, eternal love for Heidi ;) I wasn’t a fan of the dress, though… can we say epic boobage?!

(Yes, I know I don’t have a photo of the dress here. It hurt my eyes. Go google it sometime when there are no children in the room if you’re really that interested.)
Lea, Lea, Lea. You know, you usually annoy the hell out of me kind of annoy me. But oh my goodness — not tonight! I love the daring dress (that I personally could never pull off; jealous!) as well as your flawless hair and makeup. You got it right this time, girl. ♥!

Image credits: many non-me sources.

The Grammys happened. These looks did not.

Miley — lose the tan lines, find your lips, and please for the love of god, WEAR PANTS. (A dress that covers your ass would be fine, too.)

I have to admit, though. You have great hair, girl.

Ke$ha — I don’t even know what to say aside from NO. (I did like the outer 2/3 of your eye makeup, though.)

Katy Perry — you’re young, gorgeous, and hot. Ditch your stylist, because you do NOT belong in this. (No one belongs in this.)

Jennifer — I think you normally look great, and my hat’s off to you for looking so happy… but I hate how chunky your bangs are, and holy MAN, your girls are hiiiigh!

Image sources: assorted, but not theNotice.

Milestone Moments: My First 15-pan

Oh yes. theNotice now reads like an old Hallmark card. (Just kidding. How awful and boring would that be?)

Anyhow, here are some empty 15-pan pics! Want to see it all filled up? Come back tomorrow! ;)

Images watermarked to prevent leaching… no, this isn’t going to turn into a normal thing, so stop panicking! I wanted to show all the details, especially as reference for what a real 15-pan palette looks like, but I didn’t want swaplifters to be able to take the images to rip off customers.

Thierry Mugler beauty: "The Art of Metamorphosis"

Were you aware that Thierry Mugler had a beauty line? Because I was not. Not even a little. I hadn’t the tiniest inkling… until yesterday night, right before closing time, when I practically bumped into a Mulger cosmetics display! Thankfully, I had my camera on me, so I took a couple quick shots and made a little swatch sheet of the lip products.

The Plexi Glosses are what made me stop and go back; the finish is very vinyl and very duochrome. Not to mention, the packaging is just so… Thierry, from the shape of the tube to the strange silicone applicator — rather than just being a silicone spatula (which are rare enough as it is nowadays,) it’s a thick silicone spatula with curved edges, like a little canoe paddle. But I have to say; the strangest product was actually the Magma Explosion Glitter Lip Wax, a stiff waxy solid which leaves behind gold leaf flakes on the lips (or skin.)

From left to right: Magma Explosion Glitter Lip Wax; Plexi Glosses in Blue Effect, Pink Effect, and Coral Effect; Rouge Unique in Heart and …Thunder? Not too sure about that last one :/

From left to right: Magma Explosion Glitter Lip Wax; Plexi Glosses in Blue Effect, Pink Effect, and Coral Effect

So, will you be hunting down — or have you already tried out — the Mugler line? I’m definitely intrigued, and will be checking out the line in depth the next time I’m at The Bay. It’s quite pricey, though (the glosses, for instance, are $40US,) so I doubt I’ll be picking anything up!

Oh, how I want to channel Chanel!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Spring 2010 couture. Though I wasn’t the biggest fan of all of the clothes (loved the silver, didn’t love the matching suits,) I just adored the hair and makeup! The coral lippie is to die for, and I’m actually so intrigued by the platinum blue-grey hilights so much that I’m tempted to have some put in for myself.

Images via

Scent lockets and normal lockets

So um, I basically want everything from this Etsy store. I love the detail, the elegance, the tiny birds…

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