The prettiest packaging of 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

5. You’re all going to hate me for the amount of Guerlain on this list, but I personally think their Orchidée Impériale treatment set is quite pretty.4. Givenchy and Cle de Peau have to share this spot for their brilliant logo-in-packaging design, in their Gloss Poetique and Intensifying Cream Eyeliner (mentioned here) respecitvely. 3. I’m in love with this Narciso Rodriguez Musc for Her bottle, mentioned earlier here.2. After reading this, you all probably knew that Guerlain‘s Holiday Sublime Radiant Powder had to be at least in the top three of this list. And it’s not something you can argue — this is some nice packaging.1. Three words that no one can dispute: Alice. In. Wonderland. Perhaps not the prettiest, and perhaps not technically packing from 2009, but it is the most awesome packaging that we’ve seen photos of all year! Mentioned earlier here.
Do any of you have anything to add to this list? I’ve only just grazed the tip of the iceberg, mentioning only items that we’ve discussed previously or items that we *will* discuss once the posts work their way up and out of the backlogs, so give me the heads-up on your favourite packaging of the year in the comments! Be it something you found this year, something that was released this year, or even something that you heard rumors about this year that hasn’t been released yet — I’d love to know!

Touch of Class ’09 eye

Sunday, December 27, 2009

So I showed you the outfit about a week ago — here’s the eye look! I needed something really simple; something that I could do in under ten minutes and something that wouldn’t need to be touched up during the day.

As usual, sorry for the quality! It was so dark by the time I got home :( I brightened them to the best of my ability, but the colours just weren’t retained by the camera!

FOTD: Christmas never ends

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy boxing day, folks! I get all jazzed up each year around the holidays, as you know, and go crazy with gold eyes and red lips — I can’t stop myself! So, here’s the last bronze-gold eye/red lip combination of the year. I’ll be reviewing these false lashes soon (hint: I really like them!) so keep your eyes peeled for that. Enjoy!!

A confession before you see these photos — if I’m doing a FOTD just for theNotice, I don’t blend my lashes into the false ones. I hate having to remove mascara from falsies!How-to

This one’s actually super-easy: just create a neutral smoky eye, to whatever intensity you desire, then pat gold shadow in the middle of your lid and blend outwards to cover your entire lid. With a small brush, intensify this gold on your inner V (around your tear duct.) Hilight the brow bone and ta-da! You’re done the shadows.
Using a creamy black liner, line both upper and lower waterlines. Take an angled liner brush to “pull” this off your waterlines at the corners, creating a small wing. Crimp lashes and finish with lots of mascara — or falsies, as I’ve used!
Finish with whatever lips and cheeks you want, but I picked a light pink cheek (contoured, obvi. You know me!) and a stained red lip.

Aaand, because it’s been pointed out recently that I basically never smile, here are three smile-shots for you! Consider it your day-late Christmas gift :P Man, do I ever feel like a camera-whore today! But it’s all good, because this lighting is definitely working in our favour.

Plus I have Photoshop to hide my third eye.


Lancome Crème Lustré shadow
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Fyrinnae Polar Bear loose pigment
Annabelle Creme Caramel shadow trio
Marcelle Minerals Graphite shadow
Revlon Intensifying false lashes

Lancome Aplum
Smashbox Smoke

Paula Dorf Tapestry lip liner
Sephora Bronzed Beauty lip gloss


Friday, December 25, 2009

*dances wildly*Just finished ordering it off the Future Shop website and I could not be more excited!! It should be getting here on the 31st — can’t wait!!

And let this stand as a heads-up, Canucks: for Boxing Day, Future Shop has them on special at $599.99, which includes a (kinda unfortunate) bag, the camera body and IS kit lens, and a 58mm UV lens filter. Basically, everything in the image below.
Merry Christmas! xoxo

Well this is… new?

I want to gooooo. But for the first time in years, this year was going to be the year that we DIDN’T do boxing day shopping! Boo :(

Merry Christmas!

Here are some face charts I sent to a friend as part of her Christmas gift. And, because it’s finally Christmas day, I can finally post them for you ladies! (She sometimes checks in on theNotice and I didn’t want her to see them early.) If you have a last-minute party that you don’t have a look for, or even if you’re not sure what to wear (on your face, obvi) for your holiday photos, perhaps these can help.

The colours weren’t retained all that well when they went from paper to digital, but you get the gist. Feel free to enlarge by clicking on them! I remember most of the products that I used, so let me know if there’s a specific colour that intrigues you.

Tess, if you’re reading this, I miss you! Happy Christmas hon <3

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