TMI Time: Tampons

How do you guys feel about the occasional TMI day? Anything that you feel is too embarassing or awkward for real life can be discussed on said days — or emailed to me as a suggestion for the next TMI Time! The only rule is that it cannot be lewd, and the subject matter has to be appropriate for [most] ages.

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To start this off: what type of period care do you use?? I’m a Tampax girl, my sister uses only plastic applicators (preferably Playtex) and mother can use whatever the hell she wants. I have an aunt that uses only pads and a friend who loves her DivaCup…

And now, to take it up to the TMI level… pro/cons!

  • Tampax (traditional): cardboard applicatiors are better for the environment than plastic ones but harder to insert (I have no problem with this, though my sister does… and I use Extra Supers [ugh] in comparison to her Regulars!) They expand in this [] shape, so they’re easier to remove.
  • Tampax compak: small, with a plastic applicator for easy insertion. They also expand [] thisaway, so they’re easy to remove. Unfortunately, they’re also pricier and generate more waste than a traditional tampax.
  • Playtex (traditional): plastic applicators with rounded tips, which is more wasteful, but wayyy easier to insert. What I have trouble with is the removal — they expand like this <> and when I’m bleeding to death, tired, and anaemic, it is physically distressing to have to remove these. Plus, it hurts!
  • Pads: messy. That is all.
  • DivaCup: I would love to try one of these, because they sound wonderful! Reduced waste, one set cost (no monthly rebuying) and, from what I hear, very effective. The only problem? I haven’t the ovaries (har, har) to try it out!!

Now it’s your turn — respond!!

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  • beautifulmonday

    i'll bite!(i have to ask why all your posts are showing up in itty bitty print on the main page though. weird.)i keep supathin pads around for nighttime peace of mind, but don't use them very much during the day. i am an equal-opportunity buyer of tampons. i often buy the store brand/Tampax knockoffs. i also am fond of O.B. tampons, because they don't come with an applicator (speaking of TMI, watch out!). you use your fingers to insert them. i am fine with it and it saves waste. also it makes them super tiny in comparison to tampax. (some packs come with a little plastic holder a bit like a cigarette case but far tiner, to carry a few in your purse but not lose them. so discreet!) they also expand in similar fashion to Tampax and are virtually leakproof. a bit more expensive per pack but you get like 40 so i suspect it's cheaper on the whole (haven't done the math).my 2 cents! lol

  • beautifulmonday

    oh and though i appreciate the idea of the DivaCup…..i really don't think i could go there. at least not at this stage in my life.

  • Rae // theNotice

    Laura: ?! Aww darn. I hate it when this happens! Are they okay if you open them up on their own, or if you change your browser settings? They look okay in mine x.xI forgot about OBs! I love them (but only at home.) And I have a holder as well :P So cute! I'm pretty sure that they are cheaper overall as well; I did the math once upon a time.DivaCup -> same here. I love the idea, but I don't think I'm ready yet.

  • mayrei

    Yay, tmi! I bleed like a stuck pig, so I have to double up… Super Extra strength Tampax tampons, and a pad at the same time for the first 3 days. Then I can go to just tampons and a panty liner for the rest of it. It usually lasts about 4-5 days. I've tried O.B. and they worked a lot better than Tampax… no leaking at all! But I feel more comfortable with an applicator. I usually use the flushable kind. I'm too chicken to try the DivaCup… because I bleed very heavily, AND I'm very clumsy, I can see myself looking like Carrie at the end of Carrie. No thank you.

  • besswess

    Tampax knock offs for me. I love the plastic applicator, but really…..who needs to spend that much?

  • Sarah

    I'm a pads only kind of girl. I understand that they may be a bit messier but at the same time, I dont think they are if you're good about them. My second day I have a midday change, and other than that I don't notice them (and of course change every night). But I'm a loyal Stayfree brand girl. Their absorbency is way better than any other brand I've tried.

  • Citrine

    May I ask…what is TMI? I just use pads myself, tried tampon but it takes forever put the damn thing so I gave up.

  • almondsandapples

    TMI days… I like it! I mean, TMI day is pretty much every day for me, but I do try to keep it to a minimum online so I don't scare people away :PI use OB, mainly because they're smaller and easier to carry around. I don't really carry a purse usually, and these are small enough to fit in my pocket/wallet. They don't have a whole lot of waste, only the little plastic wrapping. Totally agree with you on pads. I can't really handle them. Messy and gross-feeling, blech! As for the Diva Cup… erm, it sounds kind of disgusting. Maybe for some people that's the answer, but I don't think I could look at 12 hours worth of period blood without passing out :P

  • Rae // theNotice

    Mayrei: aww man, me too — the most I've ever gone through was seven Extra Super Tampax, plus the same number of regular pads (not pantiliner.) By the end of the day, I was ready to DIE! Like you, though, I don't bleed that way the whole time.Which is why I would never try a DivaCup in public :P If I can screw something up by being a klutz, I will!

  • Rae // theNotice

    besswess: Lol! I think my tampons might cost even LESS than your knockoffs — I haven't bought stuff like this at full price in years :P They never expire, so I stock up when I find a really good deal!(Usually, that means using a coupon on top of a sale on a multipack or bulk size, which are cheaper per unit already. Ca-ching!)

  • Rae // theNotice

    Sarah: Ahh, lucky! (I love Stayfree pantiliners. So much more comfortable than the others — they're the only ones I'll use now, aside from Incognito, but I can't find those in this half of Canada x.x) If I was pads-only, I'd have to wear overnights during the day and change 'em every hour :P

  • Rae // theNotice

    Citrine: The first time is always a little awkward… so worth it though :PTMI = too much information!!

  • Catherine

    LOLZ. Well you know what, we girls have to discuss this kind of stuff somewhere! Why not here?I have to say, I am still a pads girl. I tried to use tampons and for some reason I still haven't mastered the art of putting them in so that I can't feel them…. and now that I'm on birth control (for possibly uterine cysts, among other things) I really don't bleed enough to even use the light tampons without risking TSS (or at least I'm paranoid enough to think so lol…). I can actually get away with wearing nothing but pantiliners for all but the first night, so I am pretty happy. I do have to say though, I HATE pads with plastic covers! I don't know about you, but that whole "locking-away-the-moisture" is just bullshit! I am almost 100% sure that the plastic makes me sweat (UGH GROSS TMI) more and it's just soooo disgusting feeling (plus, I am prone to yeast infections… so… yea). Therefore, I hate Always anything. My favorite (for pads and pantiliners) is definitely Stayfree. Just works better for me.

  • Rae // theNotice

    eemusings: Lol! It's because we're mentally synchronized and I just intuitively *knew* this would be relevant to you =PDude, I had no idea Carefree made tampons! Where are you that tampons don't usually have applicators? (Also, I've never heard of Libra.) Ones without applicators are the uncommon ones over here, lol!

  • Rae // theNotice

    Rebecca: yay! Same here — I basically have NO filter x.x

    I find OBs awkward to use in public; you'd have to wash your hands first, put it in, try not to have blood all over your hands, then wash 'em again. Then again, I'm a major klutz!

    LOL @ the blood comment. That is a VERY good point! I guess I've become nonchalant about blood due to my excessive nosebleeds… when you have blood rushing out of your face all the time, you get used to it :P

  • eemusings

    I am currently going through the monthly horrors, so this is very timely!

    I just don't think I could do a DivaCup, period (teehee). Eugh. I am a brand whore, so I'll buy whatever's no sale. I'm partial to Carefree, I guess – I like their roundy tops but don't like how the string tends to fluff. Libras don't fluff but I don't like their flat tops.

    I too "bleed like a stuck pig" so I always double up. Also, I've NEVER used an applicator – they're not all that common here! Never have any trouble, though.

  • beautifulmonday

    re: all but the most recent post are showing incredibly tiny on the front page, but when i click through, they're fine. this is partly b/c i'm working from home today and my laptop screen is smaller than my monitor. but it still mystifies me because it was also showing up like that on my fullsize monitor.also: best thread eva. what a good idea!and i like Always pads, because they deodorize very well. but you are all right about Carefree being softer and nicer. the Always ones can give me sore spots from the plastic rubbing continually.

  • Rae // theNotice

    Catherine: I KNOW! I figured that if there's no where to talk about it, I would *make* a place to talk about it =D (Because I'm awesome like that, LOL)

    Aww man it SUCKS to be you, girl!! I thought I had it bad, but I don't have to deal with a) uterine cyst possibilities, b) a higher TSS possiblility, OR c) being prone to yeast infections!

    I actually didn't know about the plastic-covering thing, but now that I think about it it makes a *lot* of sense. ==headdesk==

  • mary

    Tampax traditional fo sure! I've never tried the plastic ones cause the thought of all that plastic going into the incinerator/dumps makes me cringe >_<

  • Rae // theNotice

    mary: Yah =( I call it the Dead Polar Bear Syndrome — anything you do to hurt the environment eventually hurts the polar bears, and who doesn't love polar bears?

  • Rae // theNotice

    Laura: huh — that's really weird! Sorry I can't fix it x.xI find Always are always (haha) too wide or something; they "fold" and are just generally uncomfortable and stiff. Do not want!

  • FB @ FabulouslyBroke

    I've already reviewed it on my blog:…But in short, the Diva Cup is:- Less messy- Comfortable (don't feel it, like you do sometimes w/ a tampon??)- No painful ripping out of the tampon if it's too dry and it uhh.. won't come out- No fear of spotting or leaking AT ALL- Eco friendly- Less wasteful- Tricky to insert and remove, but all of the above makes it worthwhileIt is AWESOME.

  • Rae // theNotice

    FB: lol!! (I've already linked the post, on the text "a friend"!! It was a great review =D) Your review actually convinced my sister that she should check it out. Hasn't yet, but is definitely interested in doing so!

  • Soccerrocker1234

    I'm a little afraid of the Diva cup… looks big D:

  • Rae // theNotice

    Soccerrocker: LOL! Me too… I can't believe I'm intimidated by a piece of plastic, but I totally am!

  • vvaleriee

    I realize that this post was like a month ago but I have something to say. And this might be way too TMI. iunno. I just got my period (not my first) an it's the first time I tried a tampon and it feels effing weird. And pulling it out *kinda* hurts. But I shall never go back to pads… Effing leaks piss me off. Oh and I use playtex slimfits.

  • Rae // theNotice

    vvalerie: Haha, no prob! Nothing is too much in TMI posts =PI say switch to Tampax. Seriously. They are SO much easier to pull out, for me! (I believe they have a "Pearl" line with applicators similar to Playtex? I know that some people have troubles inserting the regular kind.)Hope that helps!