Checking out a GOSH duo

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What it is: a GOSH shadow duet in D 81 Golden/Chocolate. Can you believe that, with the 40% off sale (on top of the sale price, though I don’t know why the duos were on sale further) it was only $3.25?? In retrospect, I should have picked up more for stocking stuffers :P Made in Denmark, which I thought was kind of cool.The pigmentation: these shadows are fairly soft, with decent pigmentation — better than the GOSH quads, but not as good as the singles. This was nothing amazing, and if I had paid the regular $12.50 for this I would have been disappointed. However, at $3.25 it was a great buy. I’d put this on par with the famed Maybelline quads (the “good ones,” though, as I know some of the quads are better than others,) maybe a tiny bit better, but certainly not as good as MAC or (my favourite) Senna shadows.The shades: see for yourself! I love both these shades, and you could definitely do a whole neutral eye with just this duo. On their own, one is a gorgeous nude and the other a rich chocolate… mixed together, they’re a pretty brown-taupe. (These swatches were done dry directly on my arm — no base — with a fingertip, and I had to go over each two or three times to get this level of pigmentation.)

Wow, this is a dark swatch… sorry guys! I haven’t seen the sun forever:(

The verdict?
So worth it for $3.25, but the most I think I’d pay for the duos is about $6. Catch them on sale and they will serve you well!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pssst, Sarah — you’re the best! I cannot wait to try everything… I won’t say what’s in the box, though! You’ll all just have to wait for the reviews =D

For shame, MAC.

Charging $23.50 for your “Care Blends Essential Oils“? Really?The Care Blends will be released with the Warm & Cozy collection on the 26th of December in Grapefruit + Chamomile and Sweet Orange + Lavender, but I’d advise you to keep an tight fist on your Christmas money. Here are the two things that may happen:

  • The essential oils are neither essential nor purely oil, and are not dupe-able at home because MAC has added filler substances to reduce cost stylishly take the edge off the delicious grapefruit scent offensive fragrances.
  • The essential oils are just essential oils, and can be replicated using the two essential oils in the name (you can find them in your local Whole Foods-esque store) and an eyedropper. Total cost: about $10 instead of $23.50, plus you can bet on ending up with at least double the product.

I’ll have to see them in person first, but my money’s on option #2 — so get to your local organic store and blend your OWN oils, please!! Don’t cave to the pretty packaging presented by MAC.

D&G L’Imperatrice

Monday, November 23, 2009

You were a disappointment. A damn fine shame.

There is a fruity, sweet opening (but really, that’s not hard to find in fragrance) and for a few moments I almost believe you will lose your sweetness as you dry down, and let me enjoy the fruit. But you never do. You don’t lose your candied edge until right before you are completely faded, and at that point one has to inhale you directly off the skin. (No one wants to treat their perfume like heroin.)For a unisex scent there is too much femininity in you — you smell like youth, with the naiveté but without the innocence. And yes, you should in some way be commended for this… your sweet, fruity bouquet is likely attractive to the large part of modern female society.

At the same time, however, this should shame you. It’s nice, light enough to be appropriate anywhere, and very true to itself. You are, in a way, too true to yourself. There is nothing underneath your exterior or the pink of your bottle, there is nothing surprising or addictive hidden in your formula.

You’re wonderful for occasional wear when I wake up before my alarm clock, already buzzed. Your clarity is perfect when my mind is as well, but there is nothing about you that makes me think. I can imagine your brilliance should you be layered overtop something with depth, but on your own you are the air trapped in the champagne; a fruit without a body and a fragrance without a soul.I would like to smell you on a man, one bold and unabashedly masculine, no vague suggestion of an attraction to males. (It’s nothing personal; rather, if a feminine male wore you, you would continue being just as boring.) Just a light spritz, layered over a scent more masculine… I think it may give you that certain delicious who have you been with?

Or you may just continue on with your syrupy static.

Simple lavender eye

Just a quick, easy, boring lavender eye for you today. This was actually the look that I was doing when I figured out this Blacktrack trick — and that’s all it is. MAC Blacktrack, Senna Fantasy, and Rimmel Lycra Lash topped with Imju Fiberwig. Plus some hilight on the inner corners; a mix of Lancome Crème Lustré and Angora. Besamé Vanilla on the lips, and a super-sheer dusting of Lancome Pink Fresque on the cheeks. All you need is five minutes and two shadows, and ta-da! You’ve got a look.

(Links are to reviews.)

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