Checking out a GOSH duo

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What it is: a GOSH shadow duet in D 81 Golden/Chocolate. Can you believe that, with the 40% off sale (on top of the sale price, though I don’t know why the duos were on sale further) it was only $3.25?? In retrospect, I should have picked up more for stocking stuffers :P Made in Denmark, which I thought was kind of cool.The pigmentation: these shadows are fairly soft, with decent pigmentation — better than the GOSH quads, but not as good as the singles. This was nothing amazing, and if I had paid the regular $12.50 for this I would have been disappointed. However, at $3.25 it was a great buy. I’d put this on par with the famed Maybelline quads (the “good ones,” though, as I know some of the quads are better than others,) maybe a tiny bit better, but certainly not as good as MAC or (my favourite) Senna shadows.The shades: see for yourself! I love both these shades, and you could definitely do a whole neutral eye with just this duo. On their own, one is a gorgeous nude and the other a rich chocolate… mixed together, they’re a pretty brown-taupe. (These swatches were done dry directly on my arm — no base — with a fingertip, and I had to go over each two or three times to get this level of pigmentation.)

Wow, this is a dark swatch… sorry guys! I haven’t seen the sun forever:(

The verdict?
So worth it for $3.25, but the most I think I’d pay for the duos is about $6. Catch them on sale and they will serve you well!

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2 Responses to “Checking out a GOSH duo”

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