The Second Reich

I was on Olay skincare for a looong time — not intentionally and not exclusively, but most of my staples were by Olay. One by one they were phased out, either because they were discontinued or because they just didn’t work for me anymore, and I was left with a mish-mash of semi-okay products.
But now? I’m going to be checking out Marcelle‘s new A-C Solution skincare line, so you’ll hear about it in a few weeks’ time! It’s going to be stunningly difficult for me to use just one skincare line, but I’ll try my best to give it a go so you guys can have the most honest reviews possible.

Have any of you checked out Marcelle cosmetics or skincare recently? This is my first personal look at the line, but I’ve recommended Marcelle skincare to friends before (based on thorough research, reviews, and ingredient-list-scouring) and they’re hooked. I hope it dazzles me equally as much!

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  • Naomi

    My mom uses Marcelle's toner for combination skin and face creams since I was a kid. I like their moisturizer with spf; it really nice. Also the Hydra C Complex E range is really nice.

  • Rae // theNotice

    Naomi: I hope these work out just as well! My mum never used toner — just recently have I convinced her of the need for SPF in a face cream :P

  • serikaa

    I haven't tried Marcelle skincare but I really like the cosmetics. I have the True Radiance foundation, and powder and cream blushes

  • serikaa

    I haven't tried the skincare, but I really like Marcelle cosmetics. I have the True Radiance foundation and powder and cream blushes. It's good value for what you get.

  • Rae // theNotice

    serikaa: I've always been vaguely interested in their cosmetics line — it looks very day-appropriate and low-maintenance, in general, which I am! Maybe I'll finally have to check it out :)