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October 2009

    The five most expensive… items on

    Y’know. Just because we’re sick and masochistic like that. I have no comments or judgement on [most] of these, but I was curious and thought you ladies might be as well! Keep in mind that I did not include sets — this is just the single items!

    Fifth place
    This spot is shared by three items, all at the same whopping $300. Missoni‘s Missoni Parfum, Juicy Coutures‘s Juicy Couture Parfum (which is really half the price of the Missoni, as it’s double the size) and the T3 Bespoke Labs Evolution Dryer.

    And may I just point out that the Missoni bottle is ugly as hell? Thanks.
    Fourth place

    One point seven ounces of Givenchy’s Le Soin Noir will set you back $360. What is it with companies putting algae in moisturisers and amping up the price tenfold for it?
    Third place
    This fell just short of second place — at $499, Silk’n‘s Silk’n SensEpil will remove your body hair with lasers. But only if you have fair skin and dark hair, plus a fairly high pain tolerance and a hell of a lot of patien
    Second place
    Kate Somerville‘s Deep Tissue Repair Cream with Peptide K8. Kate, honey, if anyone’s ploppin’ down $500 for 5oz of this, they need more than their deep tissue repaired.

    First place
    The just-discussed item, Sephora‘s insanely expensive Luxury Lighted Makeup Stand, for the low, low price of $998.

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