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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Y’know. Just because we’re sick and masochistic like that. I have no comments or judgement on [most] of these, but I was curious and thought you ladies might be as well! Keep in mind that I did not include sets — this is just the single items!

Fifth place
This spot is shared by three items, all at the same whopping $300. Missoni‘s Missoni Parfum, Juicy Coutures‘s Juicy Couture Parfum (which is really half the price of the Missoni, as it’s double the size) and the T3 Bespoke Labs Evolution Dryer.

And may I just point out that the Missoni bottle is ugly as hell? Thanks.
Fourth place

One point seven ounces of Givenchy’s Le Soin Noir will set you back $360. What is it with companies putting algae in moisturisers and amping up the price tenfold for it?
Third place
This fell just short of second place — at $499, Silk’n‘s Silk’n SensEpil will remove your body hair with lasers. But only if you have fair skin and dark hair, plus a fairly high pain tolerance and a hell of a lot of patien
Second place
Kate Somerville‘s Deep Tissue Repair Cream with Peptide K8. Kate, honey, if anyone’s ploppin’ down $500 for 5oz of this, they need more than their deep tissue repaired.

First place
The just-discussed item, Sephora‘s insanely expensive Luxury Lighted Makeup Stand, for the low, low price of $998.

Happy Halloween!!

I haven’t uploaded my photos yet, but here‘s something better — my guest-post on MABB. On what, you ask? You’ll have to click the link to find out!!

(Hint: I really do think it helped clear up my acne. Not 100%, but it really gets pores clean!)

The Second Reich

I was on Olay skincare for a looong time — not intentionally and not exclusively, but most of my staples were by Olay. One by one they were phased out, either because they were discontinued or because they just didn’t work for me anymore, and I was left with a mish-mash of semi-okay products.
But now? I’m going to be checking out Marcelle‘s new A-C Solution skincare line, so you’ll hear about it in a few weeks’ time! It’s going to be stunningly difficult for me to use just one skincare line, but I’ll try my best to give it a go so you guys can have the most honest reviews possible.

Have any of you checked out Marcelle cosmetics or skincare recently? This is my first personal look at the line, but I’ve recommended Marcelle skincare to friends before (based on thorough research, reviews, and ingredient-list-scouring) and they’re hooked. I hope it dazzles me equally as much!

This better be some huge friggin’ joke.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Really, Sephora? Really!?

Edit: check out this awesome review, as pointed out by the Glitterati! Hillarious.

“Perfect for the makeup maven who likes to camp out in the bush, or wants a makeup table come sub machine gun stand. A wonderful compliment of sleek black FIRE RETARDANT aluminum, military chic and fashion forward. A must have for those whose exposure to the outdoors and to reality is dubious.”

Another edit: so this was Lachesis‘ review, apparently… somehow this does not surprise me, because she’s awesome like that =P My hat is off to you!!

Thoughts on: tipping

I’ve always wanted to briefly discuss this, but let’s be frank — I have an attention span of ZERO when it comes to money and finances. (Sorry, my lovely finance blogging friends!) So, here’s what will hopefully be a short post on tipping! (Resource for the “standard”: CNN tipping guide and an article from

(And hey — if you’re like me and will probably just skim this post, here is the main idea: I think that tipping has gotten way out of hand.)



Recommended: 20%+

theNotice: recognizes that this is pretty normal, but doesn’t tip that much… 15% is the standard, and 20% is only if the service was standout. Perhaps because Canadian servers make normal wage, unlike American ones?


Recommended: 15-20% for the stylist, plus $5 to the person who shampoos you, and $10 to whoever blow dries your hair

theNotice: thinks that they have to be joking. This would make sense in a big-city high-end salon if the cut itself was closer to $100 than it was to “sane”, but for normal people, this is nuts! A good cut in my city is $40-60, meaning if you follow these rules, you’re tipping the person who blow dries your hair almost as much or more than the person who actually cuts it. No flippin’ way!

Think of it this way: your cut is $50. Now add tax (I pay 5% but most provinces have PST, so let’s assume 10% for simplicity,) a 20% tip, $5 for the shampoo, and $10 for blowdrying. Suddenly you’re paying $30 more than the listed price… which is a 60% markup.

Hotel houskeeping

Recommended: $2-5 per night

theNotice: has never heard of this before. What??!

Food stuff

Recommended: $1 if your bags are carried out to your car, $1.50 if you have more than three

YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING. I do not expect some little ‘old person or someone with a bad back to have to pay for their groceries to go to their car just because they can’t lift them. Not when the person carrying them out is already being paid at least minimum wage. Newsflash — they get hourly. So when they take groceries out to customers’ cars, they are still being paid. I have to say it, hate me if you will: double-dipping much?!

Recommended: $2 per pizza minimum — 20% recommended — for the delivery person because “food delivery can be dangerous if delivering to crime-ridden neighborhoods or driving in bad weather”

theNotice: 20% is what you tip a server. Because you are getting service. So unless that pizza boy is bringing you drinks and grinding your pepper, there is no way he or she deserves 20%. I mean, let’s say you get a few pizzas for you and the girls, and it works out to $50. Suddenly, the delivery boy gets $10 just for doing his job. Dude, what else are you supposed to expect when you get a job as a delivery guy?! You deliver stuff! Surprise! *rolls eyes* It’s not like they’re actually in life-or-death situations… they’re in a car. And they should damn well know how to drive it in bad weather if they sign up for the job in the first place.

Well, my rant is over… so what are your thoughts? I would love to hear your take on this stuff!! Agree/disagree? Think I’m a total stingy nutter?? Share!!

Glycerine testing

Ever wondered how much mediums really matter? Here are some swatches of shadow… I’m a believer, how ’bout you? :P

Remember: all images can be clicked on to be enlarged!

Dry / wet with just water / wet with half-water-half-glycerine medium.

What really sticks out for me when I use shadows wet vs. dry is the fact that they become way more intense. When you add glycerine, the water-glycerine-shadow mixture is thicker/”gooier” than just water and shadow, and gives an even darker, more intense colour, concentrating more pigment in one area. Another benefit? The wear time increases, too!

Now that I think of it, you could probably manage to do an entire eye with one shadow just by switching mediums. Hmmm… I may try this sometime!

The effect of water vs. glycerine on the shadow itself

This is Smashbox Smoke, for the record. It’s a grey shadow with a fairly matte finish, but a touch of fine shimmer interspersed throughout. The shimmer is more obvious if you enlarge the photo! It’s enough to make the matte finish a little less “blah,” but not enough to be very obvious. I like it, but wouldn’t encourage you to hunt it down or anything — it’s just grey; nothing special.
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